Secure and sustainable IT recycling

We offer secure IT recycling in collaboration with Absolute IT Asset Disposals to help you recycle your unwanted technology with sustainability in mind. 

Safely dispose of your end-of-life technology with secure IT recycling services. 848 offers full end-to-end IT lifecycle services to support clients at every stage in their digital transformation journey. We help organisations transform and optimise their IT infrastructure and move to the cloud. But after a digital transformation, you may find you’re left with a load of unwanted technology.  

That’s why we are partnered with Absolute IT Asset Disposals, a fully accredited provider of IT recycling services. Through our partnership with Absolute IT, we offer secure and sustainable IT recycling to our clients. Absolute IT Asset Disposals is accredited by ADISA, the Environment Agency, the National Cyber Security Centre and more. It also has a zero-harm policy regarding interactions with the environment and holds a zero percent to landfill rate. 

Prevent your unused technology from ending up in landfill and ensure your business data is securely erased with IT recycling services. Our partnership helps you recycle your unwanted IT with the environment and data protection in mind. 

Recycle your IT assets without putting your business at risk 

For many businesses, the challenge of managing end-of-life IT assets is made more complex due to strict data protection laws and the importance of information security. Absolute IT Asset Disposals ensures data and information on your unwanted equipment is securely erased in compliance with data protection legislations.  

Absolute IT recycling services utilise industry leading Blancco data erasure software to guarantee professional and compliant data destruction in line with GDPR. At each step of the journey, data security is ensured through a complete audit trail. A destruction certificate is issued for every IT asset recycled.  

    Fully accredited and compliant IT recycling

    Absolute IT Asset Disposals is fully WEEE compliant and has a comprehensive list of certificates and accreditations including:  

    • Waste Carriers Licence 
    • T11 Exemption Registration (Environment Agency WEEE Certification) 
    • ISO 9001 
    • ISO 14001 
    • ICO Certificate 
    • ADISA ITAD Certificate (Merit) 

    ADISA Approved by

    • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) 
    • DIPCOG 
    • Cyber Essentials 
    • ICO 
    • Computing award winner 2019 
    • Computing award winner 2020 

    The importance of sustainability and IT recycling

    Sustainability is more important than ever. The world is facing a climate crisis, and a collective overconsumption of technology is a part of the problem. End-of-life IT assets and electronics that aren’t responsibly and sustainably recycled end up as electronic waste or e-waste. E-waste is incredibly harmful to human health and the environment. Technology components contain toxic and hazardous materials that disproportionately end up harming people, communities and environments in developing countries.  

    It’s important that businesses take responsibility and work to become more sustainable in their operations. This includes making sure their end-of-life technology doesn’t end up in landfill and is reused and recycled wherever possible. Engaging with accredited IT recycling services is a simple way to boost your sustainability and ensure your unwanted technology doesn’t end up damaging the environment. 

    Access full IT lifecycle services and IT recycling

    848 is here to support you throughout the entire IT lifecycle. We help you adopt, transform, and optimise technology and help you manage your end-of-life IT assets. With our partnerships, experience and expertise we guide clients seamlessly through digital transformations, from initial design and consultation, to implementation, training, ongoing support, and to secure IT recycling.

    Your Dedicated Microsoft Gold Partner.

    848 is an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner with 5 Microsoft Advanced Specializations. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.

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