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Cloud Consultancy and Solutions.

Design, Develop, and Scale Your IT Landscape. 

Your IT landscape should evolve with you. We have an extensive portfolio of cloud consultancy services and secure cloud solutions designed to help you grow your business. 

Whatever stage you’re at on your cloud journey, our talented team of IT consultants are here to plan, build, and run your entire IT infrastructure. Access leading cloud consultancy expertise and end-to-end support on CRM, IT strategy, the modern workplace and more.

End-To-End Cloud Consultancy Services and Solutions to Evolve Your Business.

Bespoke to Your Business.

Your business is unique. That’s why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Get tailored consultancy for every aspect of your IT strategy. We can create a holistic roadmap to transform your entire IT landscape or provide focused professional advice to improve core IT areas from security to software.

Expertise You Can Rely On.

Our core values are built on honesty and added value. With 848, you receive independent guidance and expertise from a diverse team of IT specialists. Our accredited IT consultants, architects, and project managers are experienced in the end-to-end delivery of cloud-first solutions, security, strategy and more.

Achieve More With IT.

Reduce the complexity of digital transformation and achieve more with a strategy that’s aligned to your business goals. Our IT consultancy services make sure your IT investments deliver value now and in the future. Bring together the people, processes and technology you need to improve performance.

Consultancy Services for All Your IT Needs.

IT Roadmaps & Strategic Consultancy.

Not sure whether your approach to IT is right for your business? We can help you align your technology strategy with your unique goals and needs. Get impartial advice on everything from IT procurement to business continuity, IT project delivery, security and more. Tell us your future vision and our team will create a clear roadmap to get there.

License Optimisation.

Many businesses overspend on cloud services without even realising it. We help you get the most value out of your cloud environment and uncover ways to reduce costs. Our licensing specialists continually assess your software landscape and recommend ways to optimise your estate. We can also fully manage your cloud services, so you know your costs are always under control.

Backup, Continuity & Compliance.

Sometimes, things go wrong. We can help you stay resilient and responsive to breaches, internal threats, data corruption and more. Build an agile backup and continuity strategy to help you recover rapidly if disaster strikes. Overcome compliance risks and ensure you have a continuity plan that evolves with your business. We’ll test and review your plan to keep your business-critical data and systems safe.

Cost & Resource Management.

Every penny counts. And with continuous transformation, IT costs can rapidly spiral out of control. Get clear and impartial advice on how to improve the way you manage your infrastructure and reduce your costs along the way. We can help you identify ways you can save money without sacrificing performance or productivity. Get more value out of your technology with consultancy services from 848. 

IT Audits & Risk Assessments.

Improve your visibility and gain a better understanding of your IT landscape. We can deliver a range of audits that provide a holistic view of IT estate. Identify weaknesses and uncover opportunities to improve security, performance and more. We offer clear recommendations based on industry best practices and expertise to help you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and maximise value. 

Wireless Controllers

Cloud Migrations & Virtualisation.

Get the most out of your IT investment by virtualising core services so they evolve with you. Create a clear plan to modernise your business and streamline your migration to the cloud. Our cloud Consultants can provide end-to-end guidance on your cloud journey no matter where you are at. We’ll assess your current estate and create a cost-effective solution underpinned by the cloud.

Gain a Clear Picture of Your Strategy with Reliable IT Consultancy Services.

Our Plan, Build, Run methodology has been tried, tested and fine-tuned over a decade. This flexible approach ensures we capture every detail and requirement needed to deliver projects with minimal disruption, and maximum value. 

We work with you as your trusted IT partner to guide you seamlessly with end-to-end IT consultancy. Get impartial guidance right through from initial consultation to design and implementation, and ongoing aftercaretraining, and support. 

Our IT consultancy services are underpinned by our proven methodology, and delivered by Senior IT Professionals experienced in cloud transformations and IT strategy.  With 848, you get expert advice and tailored support to achieve real business change and maximum value from technology. 

Get Your IT Projects Back On Track.

Without clear objectives, thorough planning and a strategic process, your projects can quickly experience fractures, roadblocks, issues, and delays. If your IT project has gone off course, IT project reviews from 848 can help you get you back on track.

We will help you understand how and why fractures in the process may have occurred and provide you with clear, proactive steps, underpinned by our proven plan, build, and run methodology, to enable you to move your project forward.

Work with a team of experts bringing together experienced Project Managers, IT Consultants and Architects. We’ll undertake a detailed evaluation of your plan, process, and objectives, to identify the reasons the project is struggling, and provide you with a clear route to remediate your project, complete with risk analysis and critical review points.

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Your Dedicated Microsoft Solutions Partner.

The 848 Group is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Digital & App Innovation, Business Applications and Security, with a specialization in Adoption and Change ManagementThis demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.