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Cloud Apps & CRM.

Integrated and optimised cloud applications to run your entire business.

Running multiple disjointed systems wreaks havoc on efficiency. Implementing an integrated and unified estate of cloud applications is a simple way to streamline processes while minimising data gaps and communication silos in your business. 

848 delivers scalable business platforms and cloud apps that improve efficiency and evolve with you. From CRM systems to low-code analytics to solutions for ITSM, we can design, integrate and support your critical network of applications to run your entire business. 

The Benefits of Integration.

A disjointed IT infrastructure creates more work for everyone. Siloed systems lead to higher IT costs, information gaps, communications issues and more. They’re harder to maintain, and bad news for employee productivity.   

We help clients integrate and optimise their core cloud applications to create a centralised system for all employees. This helps reduce data silos, lower IT spending, and improve teamwork. We can also help you migrate away from legacy systems and to modern cloud apps that improve efficiency across your business.

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Cloud-first CRM.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a core business application in most organisations. An effective CRM solution helps you to improve customer experiences, develop relationships, monitor sales success and more. We have a team of specialists experienced in helping clients get more out of their CRM systems, optimising their CRM strategy and integrating them with other core cloud applications. 

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we can plan, build, and run leading CRM platforms built on Dynamics 365, as well as small business CRM solutions underpinned by the Microsoft Power Platform. Access leading expertise and cloud apps that help you optimise Sales and Marketing, Customer Experiences,  and more. We can also deliver in-depth CRM audits to help you identify, address, and overcome your CRM challenges.

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Access Specialist Skills.

Work with a team of experts specialising in a wide range of cloud applications to ensure seamless implementation. 

Win More Customers.

Drive sales, improve customer experiences, and never miss an opportunity with a centralised CRM system. 

Save Time & Money.

Utilise licensing services and support to ensure you’re getting the best value for money when it comes to cloud apps.

Flexible Solutions.

Our range of cloud applications and CRM systems are designed to evolve with you as your requirements change. 

Improve User Adoption.

Access face-to-face or virtual end-user training and ongoing support options to ensure effective adoption.

Embrace Automation.

Our team can help you automate your processes to improve efficiency and modernise your operations.

ITSM Platforms.

Technology keeps your business running. Issues with IT services and related processes cause chaos for both end-users and IT teams. Having proactive IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions helps you improve IT efficiency and user experiences in your organisation. 

848 makes enterprise-grade ITSM platforms affordable for businesses of all sizes. We’re a ServiceNow Partner, developing and deploying high-quality ITSM applications built on the industry-leading ServiceNow platform. We design, configure, build, and manage leading cloud applications to enhance your approach to ITSM in line with ITIL best practices. Our dedicated team of ITSM specialists can deploy your own ServiceNow instance for your team to maintain, or manage the platform for you on your behalf.

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Empower Your People with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Leverage Data Insights.

Power BI transforms complex and hidden data into actionable insights easily and efficiently. 

With its intuitive interface and instant AI-powered analytics, it enables better decision-making and productivity across your organisation.  

Embrace the power of data visualisation and analytics with Power BI and turn data into opportunities for growth and improvement. 

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Create Apps with Low-Code.

Power Apps empowers you to build custom cloud applications with ease, no matter your technical skill level. 

Streamline your business processes and drive innovation by creating apps that solve unique business challenges. With its user-friendly design and powerful integration capabilities, Power Apps makes app development accessible and transformative for businesses of all sizes. 

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Automate Processes.

Power Automate makes automating workflows and tasks easy, boosting efficiency and productivity. 

By simplifying the creation of automated processes, it enables teams to focus on more strategic work. With intuitive design and robust integration options, Power Automate turns repetitive tasks within your core cloud apps into streamlined operations, enhancing workflows and driving innovation across your business. 

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Build Intelligent Chatbots.

Power Virtual Agents enables you to create intelligent chatbots that can answer questions posed by your customers or employees.   

Provide instant responses and support to FAQs and customer service enquiries. With no coding required, it empowers teams to enhance internal support, improving satisfaction and efficiency through automated, AI-driven interactions. 

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