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Security Reviews & Remediation Services.

Identify and eliminate security risk across people, processes, and technology.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. We perform in-depth security investigations to uncover the security weaknesses in your environment.

From security reviews to attack simulations, we help you identify the threats that are putting your business at risk. Then, we help you make things right.

With a range of security remediation services, our team are on hand to assess, prioritise, and eliminate your vulnerabilities and protect your business.

Before You Can Fix Your Security Risks, You Need to Find Them.

To protect your business from threats, you need to understand what’s making you vulnerable. Then, you need to take steps to mitigating your weaknesses, implementing effective security controls and strategies to remediate your security issues.

The first step of building a robust security strategy is to identify the security risks surrounding your people, processes, and technology. The best way to do this is through conducting security reviews and investigations. Once you understand your key threats, you can implement the security controls and services you need to protect your business.

Our approach to cybersecurity aligns with the globally recognised National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. This outlines industry best practices to effectively understand, assess, manage, and prioritise cybersecurity risks.

Our Cyber Security Approach


Security Reviews.

We offer a range of security reviews to identify risks across your people, processes, and technology. Our cyber specialists can perform a comprehensive audit of your full security posture, as well as risk assessments for specific applications and environments.

  • Identify security gaps and weaknesses
  • Understand your key vulnerabilities
  • Assess internal and external threats
  • Evaluate and prioritise your risks
  • Take the next step to stronger security


Remediation Services.

Failing to address security weaknesses leaves you vulnerable to a cyberattack. Our experts help you assess and prioritise your cyber security risks, remediate your vulnerabilities, and rapidly close security gaps to ensure your business is protected and secure.

  • Mitigate your security risks
  • Implement essential security controls
  • Apply cyber security best practices
  • Improve security awareness
  • Adopt leading security solutions
Accredited Cyber Specialists

We have a experienced team of complex cyber security specialists and partnerships to ensure your business is protected.

Proven Security Frameworks & Expertise

Our approach is built on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. We’re Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and experienced in ISO 27001.

End-to-End Cyber Consultancy

From cyber security reviews to managed security and SOC solutions, 848 is your dedicated end-to-end cyber security partner.


Security Reviews & Audits.

Understand your critical weaknesses. We can conduct security assessments of Endpoints, Identity, and business-critical applications and platforms including Azure and Microsoft 365. Or we can perform a comprehensive review of your full security posture.

Vulnerability Assessments & Scanning.

Identify vulnerabilities in your critical IT systems and understand your risk. We use leading tools and techniques to uncover vulnerabilities, ranging from critical design flaws to simple misconfigurations.

Attack Simulations.

Most data breaches are a result of human error. We can run realistic attack scenarios to identify vulnerable users, evaluate your organisations ability to recognise an attack, and improve security awareness.

Risk Assessment.

Understand the critical risks and vulnerabilities across all areas of your business. With a holistic approach, our experts can identify, assess, and prioritise security risks across people, processes, and technology.

Data Governance & Compliance Evaluations.

We can assess the policies, processes, and security controls in your business to assess whether data is being handled responsibly, securely, and in compliance with data security laws and regulations.

Security Benchmarking.

When delivering security reviews and assessments, we assess your security controls, strategies, and processes against best practices outlined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), IASME, Cyber Essentials and more.


Risk Management Strategy.

Risk management is a continuous process, and we offer ongoing support to improve your strategy. We analyse risk severity, the likelihood of risks occurring, and their potential impact, so you can prioritise risks and decide how to respond.


Security Remediations.

Security reviews help you find your issues, but now you need to fix them. We deliver rapid and effective remediations to fix weaknesses in your security posture, from implementing essential security controls to performing complex IT change.

Identity & Access Management.

Prevent data breaches, ensure secure access for the right people at the right time, and ensure full control of your critical systems and data with leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials is a leading certification backed the UK Government and NCSC.  We can help you adopt the essential controls and achieve the accreditation to better protect your business from common threats.

Cyber Security Awareness.

Most data breaches are a result of simple security mistakes from users. Our team can help you improve security awareness to ensure users are informed on ways to spot and respond to potential attacks.

Cyber Consultancy.

Aware of your security weaknesses but not sure what to do next? We offer full, flexible cyber security consultancy to ensure your security strategy is bespoke to your business and evolves with you.

End-to-End Cybersecurity Services.

The 848 Group has a dedicated cybersecurity practice to secure your people, processes, and technology.

We’re Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and experienced in ISO 27001 processes, and our cyber specialists deliver trusted services underpinned by leading security frameworks including NIST, CIS and IASME.

From security reviews to remediations, to 24×7 monitoring and SOC services, we’re your end-to-end cybersecurity partner.


Learn More About Our Services

Start with a Security Review.

Start with a Security Review

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