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Do You Need a New IT Support Partner? Find Out With These 5 Questions

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So many businesses are resistant to change. But to stay ahead of the competition and improve efficiency, productivity, security, and employee satisfaction, businesses must embrace change for continuous improvement. 

Often, organisations get too comfortable with an IT support partner that meets their needs 70% of the time. Or are stuck in a cycle of renewing their contract out of convenience.  

A Managed IT Partner can help your business run smoother, be more efficient and allow staff to be more productive. But this only happens when your Managed Service Provider (MSP) is 100% invested in your organisation and supports you in the ways you need. 

If you haven’t done so lately, then it could be time to review your business’ IT needs and decide whether you need a new IT support partner. 

We’ve put together 5 questions to ask yourself. This will determine whether your current MSP is a right fit for your organisation or if it’s time to find a new partner. 


1. Is your IT Support Partner responsive?

One of the main reasons for having an IT support partner is so that you don’t have to worry if an IT crisis arises. Your IT Partner should provide 24/7 support with rapid responses, taking away any kind of stress, reducing downtime and allowing you to maintain productivity on valuable projects within your organisation. 

A lack of communication between you and your IT Partner could be a cause for concern. 


2. Does your IT Support Partner Provide Comprehensive Cyber Security?

Having the most up-to-date and comprehensive cyber security for your organisation is critical for protecting you against cyber-attacks.

Your IT Partner should give you confidence that your data and information is completely secure, and provide you with robust security to mitigate risks and protect your organisation from cyber threats. 

3. Do you have reoccurring issues?

Does the same issue keep arising with your IT? If so, your current IT Partner may only be giving you a quick fix rather than fully looking into the issue and completely resolving it. Your IT Support Partner should always be looking for the root cause of the problem, so you don’t experience reoccurring issues. 

A good MSP will also be proactive in minimising problems before they even occur, and communicate when your IT is performing well. 


4. Do they offer an IT Strategy aligned to your business?

No business is the same, and neither is its IT Infrastructure. This means that your IT support partner must provide you with a service that is tailored to your exact IT needs and develop an IT Strategy that fulfils your requirements. 

It’s important to have a trusting relationship with your MSP that will provide you with top quality service on an ongoing basis. 

If you feel your IT Partner isn’t responsive or attentive to your needs, this is a sign to change partners. 


5. Are your ticket numbers piling up?

If you are continuously raising issues which aren’t being resolved quickly, this can have a knock-on effect on business productivity and efficiency. The main reason for having an IT support partner is for them to take away the strain of your IT issues, not add to them. 

This comes back to communication and responsiveness – having an MSP who is available 24/7 and resolves issues quickly can dramatically minimise disruptions and downtime for your organisation. 


IT managed services and support from a reliable MSP

848 is a MSP and IT partner that evolves with you providing rapid and reliable IT support now and in the future. 

We have a team of UK-based experienced engineers, service delivery managers and technical support staff to manage your IT infrastructure on your behalf. Our Managed Services team proactively monitor and maintain the solutions you need to support your business’s critical functions and processes.  

  • We provide flexibility and choice when it comes to your services. 
  • We’re experts in supporting both on-site and remote work environments. 
  • We ensure your teams stay productive with minimal downtime – wherever and whenever they’re working. 
  • We offer quick and reliable support with an average response time of just 9 minutes. 
  • Our average customer satisfaction rating is 4.9 out of 5.   


Book an IT Service Review

If you feel there is a lack of support from your current IT support Partner, then we can offer a free consultation and IT Service Review. 

We will break down the review into 3 main sections: 

  • Your past and current issues 
  • Monthly/yearly costs 
  • Identify any gaps within your IT Strategy 


Book your IT Service Review