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848 Earns Adoption and Change Management Microsoft Specialization

The Adoption and Change Management Specialization validates expertise in helping clients embrace change.

The 848 Group is delighted to have been awarded another Microsoft Specialization in Adoption and Change Management. This takes our total number of Specializations to 6. Earning this Specialization certifies our extensive capabilities in enabling customers to adopt Microsoft 365 services, and drive technology and behavioural changes that benefit the user and wider organisation.

Adoption and change management are critical elements of the IT lifecycle. As an end-to-end IT partner, 848 doesn’t just provide you with a solution and leave you to it – we design it with your business in mind, and help you increase adoption so you can get more out of your technology.

The Importance of Adoption and Managing Change

Adoption is the process of helping users embrace new technology and develop the skills needed to utilise a system or software effectively. Improving user adoption in your organisation is one of the best ways to achieve better outcomes, productivity, and value. Digital tools are of little benefit if people don’t know how to use them.

But adoption isn’t always easy. Change can be daunting, and without the right skills and support, users will be reluctant to accept new tools or ways of working. If a system is difficult to understand, or sufficient training hasn’t been provided, you won’t realise the full value of your investments. This means wasted time, resource, and budget.

As a Microsoft Certified Specialist in Adoption and Change Management, the 848 Group can help your business overcome the adoption challenges associated with Microsoft 365. This will ensure you achieve the greatest value from your investment, while enabling a better user experience and productivity.

We can design a clear Adoption and Change Management strategy, identify system and skills gaps, and provide the guidance, configurations, and end user training you need. Our approach to adoption and change helps ensure successful deployment, implementation, and usage of Microsoft 365 cloud services.

A Certified Specialist in Adoption and Change

Having worked closely with customers of all sizes, we often see that one of the biggest barriers to adoption and change is simply the lack of preparation to do or learn something new. But as tech pioneer Grace Hopper said:

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.’”

Change is critical in moving your business forward, and you can’t drive technological change without adoption.

But with the right techniques, communication and processes, change is made easier. And 848 has been helping customers overcome the challenges associated with change and the adoption of Microsoft technologies for more than 12 years.

The Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialization is only awarded to Microsoft Partners who demonstrate in-depth expertise, extensive experience, and success in driving Microsoft 365 adoption, usage, and organisational change. The certification validates our proven approach to helping customers of all sizes use Microsoft 365 to its full potential, keeping users productive, and improving ROI.

What is a Microsoft Specialization?

In October, Microsoft announced it was replacing the existing Gold and Silver Partner Competencies with a new Solutions Partner framework. The new approach is split into two levels, and aims to make it easier for customers to find specialist Microsoft Solutions Partners (previously Silver or Gold Partners) to support them on digital transformation projects.

The first level is a Solutions Partner badge, which demonstrates a level of competence in a specific solutions area. There are 6 available.

The second is Specializations. These demonstrate in-depth technical expertise, proven experience and customer success in a specific areas or scenarios, in line with Microsoft’s highest technical standards. So far, 848 already holds 6 Specializations, with the latest being the addition of Adoption and Change Management. You can see our other Specializations by clicking here.

On the old framework, 848 was a Microsoft Gold Partner with 18 Gold Competencies. Now, we are recognised as Tier 1 Microsoft Solutions Partner with a growing list of Specializations, meaning we hold some of the highest Microsoft accreditations available.

Get Support on Adoption and Change Management

If you would like support on driving the adoption of Microsoft 365 across your business, or you are struggling to manage change, please get in touch with the 848 team today. We have specialist consultants focusing on change and IT strategy who can help you overcome both common and complex barriers to change.

We also can deliver face-to-face and virtual end user training to drive adoption and usage of Microsoft 365 and Office applications. This includes Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as general collaboration across your integrated workspace. Training is delivered by a Microsoft Certified Training Specialist who can tailor courses to meet different user requirements and skill levels.

To help organisations improve adoption and get more value out of their IT, we’re also offering free half-day Microsoft 365 training sessions to businesses with under 250 employees. You can access the offer from December until the end of March 2023. As cost is an increasing concern for many, this is one way you can help improve efficiency and ROI without spending more.

To book your free training or to learn more, email us on [email protected], or call 03449 848 848.