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Cybersecurity Services.

Protect every aspect of your business with a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

An effective security strategy isn’t just about technology. It considers people, processes, and IT. Tackle your complex cybersecurity challenges and protect your entire infrastructure with end-to-end consultancy services and a holistic approach.

No matter how you operate or where your teams work, we help you identify, prevent, and manage risks posed by people, processes, and technology.

We have a team of complex security specialists to close your security gaps and protect every aspect of your business. We also work with security operations leader, Arctic Wolf for complete 24×7 managed detection and response services. Keep your users, data, and IT systems secure with support for every step of the way.

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Your End-to-End Cybersecurity Partner.

848 has a dedicated Cybersecurity Practice with a diverse team of IT experts to secure your IT systems, applications, and cloud environments. Our team identify your IT security gaps and deploy leading security solutions and controls that evolve with you and improve threat protection across your entire IT landscape. We’re Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and experienced in ISO 27001 processes. 

We also work in partnership with Blacksmiths Group, a team of independent complex security specialists and deep technical experts with leading skills acquired in UK Government and industry. Blacksmiths advises high-sensitivity clients including security agencies, financial services firms, and the military.

Together, we design and deliver tailored solutions, frameworks, and controls that keep your organisation protected from evolving and sophisticated threats. Taking a holistic approach, we assess and test your security architecture to reveal human, technology, and process risks, and build fit-for- purpose solutions to resolve them.

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24 X 7 Security Operations

As the threat landscape becomes more complex, the need for security operations is greater than ever before. So we teamed up with Arctic Wolf, the market leader in security operations, offering a unique Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) to prevent, identify, and respond to cyberattacks 24×7.

This partnership further strengthens 848’s cybersecurity practice helping our clients achieve the protection, resilience, and guidance they need to defend against the latest cyber threats. Services including:

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed Risk

Managed Security Awareness

Incident Response

Each delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security Team.

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The Three Pillars of Cybersecurity.

There is a common misconception that cybersecurity is all about technology. However, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. An effective and robust cybersecurity strategy is built on three pillars – PeopleProcesses, and Technology. 

We help you address all aspects of cybersecurity to ensure your business is protected from the rising risk of cybercrime. With a holistic approach and a network of complex security specialists, the 848 Group delivers end-to-end cybersecurity services that close security gaps and protect your business from threats – inside and out. 


Build your internal cybersecurity skills, increase cyber awareness, and mitigate internal risks.

Human error is one of the biggest causes of breaches. We have specialist attack, risk, and training capabilities to help you overcome this threat.

Improve the way you manage identity and access and implement awareness programmes that reduce cyber risk in the workplace.

Protect Your People

What We Do.

  • Bespoke training on human and digital threats.
  • Cybersecurity awareness workshops and training.
  • User behaviour and threat education.
  • Leadership and strategic skills programmes
  • Insider threat management.
  • Digital/cybersecurity beginner to advanced practitioner guidance.


Develop and improve your cybersecurity strategy, policies, and risk management processes.

Your processes should protect your business, not put it at risk. We help you develop systematic processes, policies and procedures that define how information and risk is managed.

And as the business environment changes so often, we can continuously review your cybersecurity approach to ensure it evolves with you.

Improve Your Processes

What We Do.

  • Cybersecurity strategy and architecture design.
  • Security policy and procedures.
  • IT governance, risk and compliance.
  • Security audits and gap analysis.
  • Identity and access management.
  • Zero Trust modelling.
  • Penetration testing and attack simulations.
  • Vulnerability assessments and management.
  • Incident management and disaster recovery.
  • ISO and Cyber Essentials guidance.


Assess, test, develop, and secure your IT infrastructure and deploy leading cybersecurity solutions.

Securing your IT environments to keep your business safe. We make it easy for you to access enterprise-grade technology that keeps your business secure.

Our team design, configure, implement and manage leading cybersecurity solutions that protect your critical data, users, systems and more.

Deploy Leading Tech

What We Do.

  • Infrastructure and platform security.
  • Network security.
  • Endpoint security, detection and response.
  • Application and software security.
  • Vulnerability scanning and monitoring.
  • Advanced threat protection.
  • Managed cybersecurity solutions and services.
  • Platform security.
  • Data security and protection.
  • Cloud security.

Tackle your Complex Security Challenges.

  • Identify, prevent, and manage risks posed by people, processes, and technology.
  • Assess and test your security architecture to reveal vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Strengthen your cybersecurity posture and protect your critical business assets.
  • Deploy fit-for-purpose security solutions and develop a strategy that evolves with you.
  • Understand evolving threats and an attacker’s perspective so you’re always one step ahead.

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Transforming Your IT Security.

Every business is unique. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT security. Our range of cybersecurity services and solutions are tailored for your unique IT environments, requirements, and business goals.

Our team of cybersecurity experts can design a complete IT security strategy for your organisation, integrating threat protection and information security at every level. We can also help you adopt a culture of safe online working within your organisation. Our cyber security experts can provide security awareness support and guidance to your end users.

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Security Architecture.

It’s important that your critical infrastructure and data is secure and protected from threats. But as the threat landscape is always evolving, creating an effective security architecture is a complex and continuous challenge. Using industry best practice and the foundations of Zero Trust, we can create a robust security architecture that’s purpose-built for your business. 

Work with a dedicated cybersecurity team who can provide end-to-end guidance on your security journey. Bring together the tools, people and processes you need to keep your IT environments watertight and secure. We’ll review your existing security landscape to identify risks and weaknesses, and design, build, and implement an advanced security architecture that protects all users, workspaces, and data. 

Adopt processes that prevent unauthorised access and improve the way you identify, mitigate, and investigate cyber threats. Get expert support from a diverse team of cybersecurity specialists. Want to improve your security architecture but not sure where to begin? Get started by booking a security assessment today.

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The Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Services.

  • Protect yourself from data breaches.

  • Avoid the implications of a breach.

  • Strengthen your IT security.

  • Improve cybersecurity awareness.

  • Reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

  • Protect and educate your end-users.

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations.

  • Prevent information and data loss.

  • Automated incident response.

The Importance of Cybersecurity.

Businesses have never been so reliant on technology. Changes to the way people work, connect and collaborate have created a wealth of new avenues for cybercriminals to attack. Hackers are exploiting evolving security gaps and risks to access your critical business information and data.

While most businesses understand the importance of cybersecurity, research shows that many don’t have a formalised IT security strategy in place. Without effective cybersecurity controls and processes, your organisation can’t defend itself from attacks and breaches. This leaves your data, networks and other business assets vulnerable in a volatile threat landscape.

When you adopt effective cybersecurity and risk management practices, you help reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrime. 848 offers a wide range of specialist cybersecurity services and solutions that provide protection for your organisation. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our team can help you implement, optimise and enhance your security landscape.

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