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Cisco Meraki.

Improve scalability and security with cloud-managed networking solutions. Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud-controlled networking, Wi-Fi, routing, and security. Meraki products are designed to improve experiences for every user while enabling your business to scale operations with ease. 848 is a Certified Cisco Partner with a dedicated network practice and expertise in the Meraki stack. We can combine cloud-managed Meraki solutions to create a high-performing and secure network infrastructure tailored for your business. Fast-track your business to a reliable and accessible network underpinned by industry-leading technology, and managed by experts. As your Cisco Meraki Partner, we can combine Meraki access points with powerful switching and mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, and provide you with complete control and visibility of traffic, usage, and performance. Connect your users and systems to any application over the wide area network (WAN) without compromising on speed, security, or user experience. Get complete support and technical guidance from our networking consultants and improve mobility, security, and accessibility in your business with future-ready networking solutions. [button]View Networking Solutions[/button]

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Cisco is the global leader in cloud-first networking and cybersecurity solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of solutions to improve network performance, management, monitoring and more. 848 is an Accredited Cisco Partner holding Premier Integrator Status and the Small Business Advanced Specialization. This means we’re certified to design, build, and manage scalable network infrastructure combining leading Cisco products and services. Improve mobility, security, and accessibility in your business with future-ready networking solutions. As your Cisco Partner, we can help you build a secure, accessible, and always-on environment that evolves with you and keeps your users connected – wherever and whenever they may work. From enterprise network security to switches, wireless and mobility, 848 has an expert team of Cisco Certified networking specialists to support your business. Modernise, scale, and secure your network environment with Cisco from 848.   [button]View Networking Solutions[/button]

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