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How IT Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Save Time And Money

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IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to manage, deliver and support IT-enabled business processes, services and infrastructure. There are a range of benefits of outsourced IT, and many businesses use a blend of IT outsourcing and internal IT teams.

Regardless of the industry your business operates in, technology is an essential element to the successful running of an organisation. Maintaining an effective IT infrastructure is vital, and an IT partner can enable you to do this more efficiently. Outsourcing to an IT partner provides you with access to specialist skills, resources and processes that enhance IT performance that may not be available in-house. There’s no wonder IT outsourcing is a popular choice for many.

Percentage of UK businesses that outsource their IT services and cybersecurity:

  • 58% of small businesses
  • 55% of mid-sized businesses
  • 60% of large businesses

IT outsourcing is an opportunity, not a threat. Many businesses choose to utilise an external provider as an extension of an existing internal team.

IT services is the most commonly outsourced business process

According to recent research by Deloitte, IT services remain the number one business function that is outsourced globally. Businesses who utilise IT outsourcing are realising the benefits, achieving the following objectives:

88% saw a cost reduction

78% improved process efficiency

63% added business value

IT outsourcing gives you access to specialist knowledge and expertise while removing the burden of IT maintenance, monitoring and support from your team. As mentioned earlier, IT outsourcing doesn’t mean replacing your employees. While some businesses choose to outsource all IT services to an external provider, many employ IT partners or Managed Service Providers (MSP) to work as an extension of their internal team.

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing IT support and services:

  • Access to high level IT strategic expertise and technical support
  • Improved efficiency, productivity, and performance through modern ITSM systems
  • Stronger security and reduced cyber risk
  • End users have enhanced and consistent IT experiences and access to digital tools
  • Reduced IT costs and downtime
  • Saved time and resources
  • Upgrades, updates, licenses, and maintenance is taken care of

Let’s look at three key benefits of outsourcing IT services and support in more detail…

1. Enhanced end user experiences and reduced pressure on internal teams

Provide access to expert technical support

  • Utilising outsourced IT support and services takes some of the pressure off your internal IT team. Users have a dedicated point of call for advice, guidance, and support 24/7 so IT staff can focus on more meaningful work and innovation. This prevents downtime, maintains productivity and keeps your end users happy.

Empower end users with the digital tools to achieve more

  • Typically, outsourced IT providers don’t just integrate tailored software and digital tools to enhance capabilities and functionality across your business. They also deliver training and guidance to show your end users how to utilise the tools to achieve more.

Give everyone in your business the capability to work from anywhere

  • In the modern working world flexibility is key. Providing your end users with collaboration capabilities to work from wherever they’re most productive will help you achieve an effective hybrid working environment. This enhances productivity, performance, and employee satisfaction. IT outsourcing can make this a reality.

2. IT outsourcing can help you run your business with confidence

Automate processes and enable seamless operations

  • An external IT provider can help you utilise the latest technology such as Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps to automate processes across your entire business. This frees up time and resources internally, helping you save costs and improve efficiency.

Your IT is taken care of

  • Maintenance, software updates, licenses, support, security.  Everything IT-related and more is looked after by your outsourced IT provider. This means your people can focus on meaningful work and the tasks that matter most.

Prioritise security and data protection

  • External IT service providers can perform around the clock monitoring of your IT systems – it’s like CCTV for your IT infrastructure. A team of cybersecurity experts can monitor, identify, and remediate any risks or threats to your business before they cause any damage. Cybercrime is a never-ending threat to businesses. IT outsourcing helps ensure you don’t get caught out.

3. An IT outsourcing provider can help you upgrade your ITSM systems

Benefit from modernised ITSM systems

  • Modern ITSM systems improve the design, management, and delivery of quality IT services. You can either work with an IT partner to improve your ITSM internally or, outsource your ITSM system to a provider who will handle all aspects of IT service delivery. This is often cheaper than adopting an enterprise-class ITSM platform internally, whilst also highly efficient.

Reduce your risk with accurate and reliable ITSM processes

  • Modern ITSM systems help you improve problem, change and incident management. An external provider can help you decrease downtime and prevent incidents before they happen. They can also improve incident management, streamlining processes if issues do arise.

Utilise expert knowledge from your outsourced IT provider

  • Specialist IT providers hold industry knowledge and skills to keep your business up to date with the latest technologies to maximise IT efficiency. Utilising IT outsourcing specialists helps you discover the most effective ways to manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services across your business.

Choosing a partner for IT outsourcing

There is a difference between outsourcing your IT and having a reliable IT partner. An IT partner will work with you to help you achieve your goals with technology.

A dedicated IT partner helps you to:

  • Find cost effective solutions with technology
  • Take pressure off your internal IT team
  • Continuously innovate to maintain a competitive edge
  • Support your end users with 24/7 technical support
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and performance
  • Benefit from increased flexibility and scalability options
  • Empower your teams with new digital capabilities and functionality

Finding the right IT partner for your business

Experience and expertise

Choose an IT partner with experience across an array of industries and with specialist knowledge in a number of areas for example, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, managed services and support, IT strategy and tailored solutions, in order to provide you with an end-to-end partnership and solution.  

It’s okay to have high standards

Look for an IT company with:

Partnerships – preferably industry leading technology innovators such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, ServiceNow, Amazon (AWS) and more.

Certifications and accreditations – Are the staff qualified? Is the IT company certified? E.g., Cyber Essentials Certified, Gold standard partnerships, Microsoft Advanced Specializations, awards, internal certifications and more.

Case studies and testimonials – Check out the website for customer stories and client reviews. Client feedback is essential when choosing a reliable IT partner.

An IT partner that ticks all the boxes

If you’re looking into ho IT outsourcing can help. The 848 Group is a cloud IT partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP). We deliver effective IT services to clients including Deloitte, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Incentive FM Group and more. With over a decade of experience, a dedicated team of experts, and a growing list of industry leading partnerships, we plan, build and run services and solutions that help businesses grow and achieve their objectives.