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848 Supports Deloitte in Secure Modern Workplace Transformation for Sustainable Tech Client.

Key Facts.

Industry sector
Sustainable nuclear technology

350 end users initially, now 800 end users

Modern Workplace, Security and Managed Services


  • The client needed expert technical capabilities to deliver the core IT services and infrastructure to support a significant clean energy programme.

  • In collaboration with Deloitte, 848 designed a secure integrated infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

  • 848 consultants built a modern workplace comprised of leading productivity, security, virtual desktop, and device management services.

  • The team also delivered the core security capability based on the globally-recognised Zero Trust model, whilst also ensuring integration with the clients Security Operations Centre (SOC).

  • The client now has a flexible IT architecture underpinned by leading security services and controls to keep stakeholders connected and secure.


The client is a world leading nuclear and electrical engineering firm developing a repeatable, sustainable solution to help tackle climate change and deliver affordable clean energy across the globe. They needed a secure IT infrastructure to support and connect all stakeholders working on the programme, and 848 was engaged by Deloitte to fulfil this requirement.

The Challenge.

With the clean energy programme becoming a new branch of the business, the client also needed a new and secure IT environment.

The organisation was working on a complex development with industry partners, government, and other stakeholders across the globe, whilst ground staff were located across different countries.

Security was paramount for the programme, due to the intelligence and intellectual property involved in its delivery. Thus, the client required an IT partner with both in-depth technical expertise and deep cybersecurity capabilities as well.

The Solution.

Working in collaboration with Deloitte, the 848 Group mobilised a team of specialist cloud engineers and security architects to design, build, deploy, and support the core IT foundational services for the programme. This was a complex, secure, and integrated infrastructure, combining leading cloud services and applications, with trusted cybersecurity approaches and principles.

The team designed and implemented a modern workplace comprising of mobile devices, collaboration and productivity apps, and virtual desktop services required to keep end users agile and connected. They built a new cloud hosting environment to host the workspace to ensure effective monitoring and integration with the clients’ Security Operations Centre (SOC).

848 also provided the core security capability underpinned by Zero Trust architecture. This included the design, configuration, and implementation of data protection and back up policies, identity and access management, and endpoint security services.

The team also deployed a mobile device management solution for different device types, and provided the design, set-up and configuration of physical and virtual firewalls and network connectivity. Lastly, 848 designed an IT service model and transitioned end users to the 848 managed services team, to support an operational service from day one.

The Result.

The 848 Group provided the technical capabilities and expertise to deliver the core IT services and security architecture for the client. The organisation now has a secure and integrated IT environment to support its’ crucial programme.

This was a complex project, and the 848 team went above and beyond, working outside long hours and with agility to meet always-changing requirements and ensure any unexpected issues were addressed with minimal disruption.

The modern workplace environment has enabled the initial 350 users engaged on the programme to stay connected and productive when working across different locations. Critical services and applications are secure and accessible for end users, while devices, access and workspaces are easy to manage and monitor.

The security policies, configurations and controls implemented by 848 have assured that sensitive data, intellectual property and environments are protected from both internal and external cyber threats. The client has now been transitioned to a flexible managed service delivered by 848, and is receiving ongoing support from a dedicated service desk team.

As the clients’ sustainable energy programme has developed, the number of end users that 848 is supporting has risen from 350 to 790, and this number will only continue to grow.

The 848 Methodology in Action.


848 architects designed a secure modern workplace comprised of leading productivity and collaboration apps, and virtual desktop and device management services.


The team configured and built the environment in line with requirements, and implemented security controls including identity and access management, data protection policies, and Zero Trust principles.


The client now has a flexible IT architecture underpinned by leading security services and controls. 848 continues to provide technical support to keep stakeholders connected and secure.