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Using the Instant Search Tool in Outlook 

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Always feel like you’re losing emails or attachments? Or struggling to find an important message but sick of scrolling? The Instant Search Tool makes it easier to find and locate emails and other items in Outlook.  

It’s an easy-to-use tool that can save you a lot of time when using Outlook. The Instant Search bar is available in all views in Outlook, including mail, calendar and tasks. 

This short video tutorial shows you how to find emails, messages or other items using the Instant Search Tool.

Using Advanced Find 

Are you getting too many results with Instant Search? Or are you just not finding what you want? The Advanced Find tool is another option to find email messages containing text that you specify, or that meet criteria, such as sender, recipient, or time sent. Follow these simple steps to learn how to use Advanced Find. 

  1. Click in the search box. 
  1. Select Search Tools > Advanced Find.  
  1. Using the Advanced Find box, you can specify much more complex criteria and even search in your Calendar, Contacts list, Notes, and Tasks. 
  1. Click the Advanced tab. 
  1. Under ‘Define more criteria’, click the Field button > All Mail Fields. You will then see a menu of fields for you to search on. 
  1. Choose a field > condition > value to test. 
  1. Add as many additional conditions as you need or want to test. 
  1. Finally, click Find Now to run your search. 

Microsoft Outlook is a centralised email and calendar service that’s easy to use and secure. It enables your employees to stay connected and organised in and around the workplace. A core app in the Microsoft 365 suite, Outlook comes packed with all the features you need to manage emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts all from one place.   

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