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text predictions in Outlook

Setting up Text Predictions in Outlook

Do you often use the same phrases or sentences in your emails? Text predictions in Microsoft Outlook make composing emails with common phrases fast and easy. It’s simple to set up and save your frequent phrases in your settings. As you begin typing your next email,...

join a meeting in Microsoft Teams

How to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Run effective Microsoft Teams meetings using the features and capabilities to make remote communication interactive and engaging. Meetings are one of the key ways to collaborate in Teams and the reason why so many individuals and businesses utilise the platform....

Better Business Broadband

Get Better Business Broadband

Why You Need Better Business Broadband  Internet is an integral part to productivity. Every day, modern businesses rely on internet connectivity to complete day-to-day tasks. From taking bookings and processing payments to communicating with customers and...


How to Use Immersive Reader in Outlook

What is immersive reader? Spending a lot of time in Outlook and want to make reading emails easier? Immersive Reader is an intelligent tool that allows you to adjust email text and personalise your reading experience. You can easily customise settings for page...


How to Use the Read Aloud Feature in Outlook

Enabling the read aloud feature in Outlook Let’s face it, having to manually read all your emails can be long-winded and tedious. Luckily enough, there’s a way to speed up the process in Microsoft Outlook. This quick 2-minute video tutorial will show you how to...

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