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Microsoft 365

Improve Teamwork and Anywhere Working with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity and collaboration platform that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

Microsoft 365 is an intelligent cloud-based productivity and collaboration platform for businesses of all sectors and sizes. Microsoft 365 is designed to help organisations and individuals stay connected and productive with innovative tools, features and apps across Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more.

Help your teams do their best work from anywhere with the power of Microsoft 365, a world-leading and secure productivity cloud. Microsoft 365 is backed by the best-in-class threat protection and security features that safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure. Enable users to collaborate and work together in real time from any location and any device with a centralised modern workplace underpinned by the cloud.

The 848 Group is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of Microsoft Certified staff specialising in the Microsoft 365 cloud. Our trusted team can design, deploy, license, and configure your Microsoft 365 platform to meet your unique business needs.

Get Expert Support on Your Microsoft 365 Ecosystem from a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

The 848 Group is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of Microsoft Certified staff specialising in the cloud. We hold 5 out of the 6 Microsoft Solution Badges including Modern Work and Business Applications alongside 6 Specializations including Microsoft Teamwork Deployment, Calling for Microsoft Teams, Adoption and Change Management, and more, validating our expertise in designing, building and deploying Microsoft platforms and workloads in line with Microsoft’s highest technical standards.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your Microsoft investments, providing advice, guidance, and training to support you in adopting new technology and capabilities. We have licensing experts who can manage your software licensing on your behalf, removing the burden of hassle of renewals and license management.

What’s Included in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 enables employees to work remotely with ease. Enhance your organisations’ efficiency and create a secure anywhere working environment using the vast range of productivity and security apps that come with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Word.

Write, create, edit, and co-author documents with your colleagues across the globe with Microsoft Word. With a host of AI-powered features, Word helps employees produce their best work. Access smart features designed to perfect your writing, such as automatic spelling and grammar suggestions, assisted text formatting and tracked changes. Create and save documents in the cloud, ensuring they are available anywhere, on any device.

Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is the leading spreadsheet app and data analysis tool designed to help you analyse and gain valuable insights from your data. With a user-friendly interface and machine learning, Excel is easy to use for novices and experts alike Collaborate with colleagues on workbooks in real time from any device and any location.

Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the trusted collaboration workspace for seamless voice, video, and chat communication. Chat, call, share and collaborate in real time with Microsoft Teams and unify your workforce across locations. Share documents, catch up quickly via chats, and host secure virtual conferences with the power and security of Teams.


SharePoint is a cloud collaboration and document management platform that uses workflow applications, databases, and other web components, to empower teams to collaborate with ease. Empower employees to share and manage content, knowledge, and internal applications efficiently. Make accessing, locating, and storing data simple with SharePoint.


Produce professional presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. Built in the cloud, PowerPoint enables you to create, edit, present, and share slides with anyone, from anywhere. Quickly bring presentations to life with a range of ready-to-use templates, and present content, ideas and results to colleagues and customers alike. Work on group projects in real time and enjoy the flexibility to save and access slideshows in the cloud.

Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook enables every employee to stay connected and organised at work. Manage your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts together with ease from one place. Never miss an important message or meeting with easy scheduling and task management. Send, receive, and automatically file emails to make managing emails a breeze. Outlook is a secure and centralised calendar and email platform backed by Microsoft security.

Realise the Business Value of Microsoft 365.

Modernise Employee Experiences.

Benefit from simplified IT management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and streamline business processes with built-in automation and powerful insights in Microsoft 365. Enable a digital workforce with intuitive tools that enable your people to work where and how they want. Explore work patterns and help employees improve focus, wellbeing and collaboration.

Cloud Security and Compliance.

Meet compliance standards with solutions included as standard in Microsoft 365. Benefit from identity and access management, information protection and governance, threat protection, security management, insider risk management, compliance management and more. Be assured that your information is secure by storing files in your OneDrive hosted in the cloud and with the added protection of MFA.

Collaborate and Communicate in Real Time.

Communication is centralised and straightforward in the Microsoft 365 environment. Enjoy collaborative tools, instant messaging, and online video meetings and conferences in Microsoft Teams. Access email and calendaring with Outlook. Collaborate, edit and share documents in real time across shared storage in the cloud and powerful Office 365 apps.

Continuous Improvement and Automatic Updates.

With continuous updates and feature upgrades designed to improve experiences, Microsoft 365 keeps your workspaces modern and future-proof. These updates are also automatic and are integrated into your apps as soon as a new version is available, so you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of software updates

There are a range of different Microsoft 365 for Business and Enterprise plans to choose from. We’ll help you get the right plan for your requirements.

  • Improve teamwork and workflows
  • Harness your business data
  • Work from anywhere
  • Easily manage your environments
  • Benefit from AI-enabled tools
  • Protect your business

Equip employees with the tools that enable them to work, connect and collaborate from anywhere with Microsoft 365.

Your Dedicated Microsoft Solutions Partner.

848 is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Azure Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, Business Applications and Security, with 6 Microsoft Specializations. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.