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How to Change Incoming Email Colours and Fonts using Conditional Formatting

Microsoft Tips

When your inbox is full of emails, it’s easy to lose important messages from specific recipients. Thanks to Outlook 365’s conditional formatting tools, it is now easier to change the colours and fonts of specific recipients so you can always recognise messages of high importance.

As with any email platform, inboxes will have pre-formatted conditions, but allowing these conditions to be changed can have added advantages to the way an individual works.

Whether you’d like to highlight incoming emails from a particular member of your team, or set various colours for different clients, Outlook’s conditional formatting can help you to organise your inbox with ease.

In this video, we have shown an example of how to differentiate emails that are received by a line manager, using the conditional formatting tools. This video will show how to format the inbox text to appear blue, bold, and use a larger font size.



Outlook 365 isn’t just for email use. It’s an all-rounder platform that helps businesses to streamline communications thanks to its email, calendar and planning features, allowing your teams to share, access, and manage tasks all from one central location.

If you’re an Outlook user and would like to learn more about the tools and features included in the platform, head over to our YouTube channel, where we have created a range of quick tutorials and top tip videos on how you can utilise Outlook to your benefit. You can also find further videos for other Microsoft apps, including Teams, as well as videos of our extensive portfolio of services and solutions.

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