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How to Schedule or Delay Email Messages

Microsoft Tips

Use Outlook’s smart features to delay email messages

Microsoft 365 makes it easy for teams to collaborate on documents and access emails, at any place, any time. This can sometimes lead to people checking up on messages and sharing files outside the normal working day.

Got an important email ready but want it to arrive later on?

Instead of just putting it in your drafts, Microsoft Outlook allows you to schedule and delay email messages, so they reach the recipient at the right time. This means important messages aren’t forgotten, and no one is disturbed by work emails during their evening.

Being able to schedule or delay emails is useful if you’re sending someone an important email but they live in a different time zone and want it to reach them during their workday. Or if you’re working outside of typical business hours and don’t want to disturb a colleague in their spare time. It also gives you a chance to revisit emails and check for grammar mistakes or errors so you can fix them before they send.

To learn how to schedule or delay email messages in Outlook, watch this short video tutorial below. It’s a great feature that’s really easy to use.

For more videos like this, head over to our YouTube channel where you can find a range of quick videos on features across Outlook, Teams, Excel and more.

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