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How To Collaborate Across Microsoft 365

Microsoft Tips

Learn how to collaborate across Microsoft 365

Get the essential tips on the tools across Microsoft 365 for collaboration from anywhere

Are you aware of the essential tools that enable your teams to effectively collaborate across Microsoft 365? Many businesses now rely on cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 for collaboration, communication and connectivity. However, not all users have the knowledge to utilise Microsoft 365 features and apps in the most effective way.

This video shares simple tricks, tips and techniques to collaborate across Microsoft 365, including PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. Delivered by our Microsoft training specialist Caroline Coleman, this video will show you how to utilise Microsoft 365 for collaboration, by sharing presentations and documents with your teams or individual colleagues.

The foundations of using Microsoft 365 for collaboration is all about making working together easier and more efficient regardless of where your colleagues are located. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, you can access your corporate data from any device, share information and collaborate across Microsoft 365.

Learn how to edit and collaborate as a team in real time through desktop applications in this video.

We deliver training courses to enhance the way you collaborate across Microsoft 365

The 848 Group is a UK leading cloud provider and IT partner. We design, deliver and support IT services and solutions that enable effective collaboration, communication and connectivity. A key part of our solution delivery and support is end user training.

New technology in your business means new digital skills for your teams to master. It’s essential in the modern working world for employees to have the digital skills and tools in order to work with maximum efficiency, productivity and collaboration capabilities.

We can help you enhance the digital skills within your business and enable your employees to utilise the full features of Microsoft 365 for collaboration. Improve productivity and empower teams to effectively collaborate across Microsoft 365 apps. Our Microsoft 365 for collaboration courses include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook and more.

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