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Signs You’ve Outgrown Your On-Premises IT Infrastructure

848 Insights

As your business grows, you may quickly realise that your on-premises IT infrastructure isn’t meeting your business needs. A stagnant IT landscape won’t enable scalability or deliver value to your users.

This video looks at the key signs that your business has outgrown its on-premises IT infrastructure. If you can relate to the signs in this video, then it’s time for your business to make the change to a cloud first strategy.

The key issues with on-premises IT infrastructure

Relying on outdated on-premises IT can lead to poor usability, outdated functionality and a lack of scalability. All of these ultimately hinder your competitiveness and productivity. 

  • Security threats  
  • It’s expensive and not sustainable  
  • Lack of flexibility and scalability 
  • Impacts employee productivity and satisfaction 
  • Hinders business growth 
  • Prevents effective hybrid working 
  • Requires regular maintenance and monitoring 

For more in depth information about outgrowing your on-premises IT infrastructure take a look at our blog post.

The benefits of moving from an on-premises IT set up to cloud/hybrid

Cloud and hybrid solutions solve many complex business needs, and enhance functionality, efficiency, and collaboration across all departments. Along with increased flexibility and scalability, the key benefits include:

Reduced IT costs – Cloud software is purchased as a subscription model, the one-off price is low, and the costs are spread more evenly.

Anywhere working – Create a virtual office for your employees giving them the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, any time and on any device. 

Reliability – You don’t have to worry about managing your IT systems yourself, your cloud provider will handle all updates, security, compliance, monitoring, remediations, licenses and more.

Find out more about the benefits of cloud migration here.

Transform your IT capabilities with a cloud first solution from 848

The 848 Group is a cloud provider and trusted IT managed services provider. We take the time to understand your unique business requirements and design a roadmap to take you from slow and outdated on-premises IT, to a fast performing, user friendly and modern cloud first IT set up.

The best first step for any organisation is an IT infrastructure assessment, our experts will analyse your current IT set up, establish your IT vision and business goals, and design a bespoke strategy to a more efficient and sustainable IT future for your business.

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