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How to Reply to a Specific Message in Teams

Microsoft Tips

Microsoft Teams 365 is so much more than just an instant messaging platform. It also allows you to make video and voice calls, making communication within your organisation simple.

Not only can you instant message one person individually, but you can also create multiple group chats for different teams.

Group chats are a great way of staying connected, but when there are multiple messages within a chat, it can be hard to keep track of who is replying to what.

In our video below, we show you how to reply to a specific message within your Teams group chat.



Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration platforms in the market, with over 270 million active users. Thanks to its wide range of capabilities, Teams helps to improve the way you communicate and collaborate with colleagues across locations.

Are you getting the most out of Microsoft Teams in your business? Or have you have just started using Teams and would like to know more about the different tools and features it provides? Head over to our YouTube Channel to watch more videos for tips and tricks within Microsoft Teams.


Level-up Your Team’s Digital Skills with Microsoft 365

Technology is constantly growing and improving, meaning digital skills are more important than ever in business. For teams to be able to process and collaborate effectively, they need to have the capability and know how to use the different digital tools your business is using.

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Whether it be 1-1 or group training, our courses can be delivered virtually or face-to-face by our in-house Microsoft Certified training specialist. All courses are customisable, so we can tailor training to meet the requirements of your teams.

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