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Microsoft Outlook Training Courses.

Help your workforce improve their digital skills with instructor-led Microsoft Outlook training courses. These end user training courses will enable your employees to enhance their understanding of features and functionality across Outlook. Choose from beginner and advanced Microsoft training courses to meet varying employee requirements and skillsets. Our Microsoft Outlook training courses can be delivered virtually, at your chosen location, or at the 848 Group head office.

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook Training Course.

Course Outline.

This introductory course is designed for Microsoft Outlook beginners, and for users who want to harness the basic features to get up and running in Outlook. Learn how to organise your email, folder and calendarrespond to your colleagues, and create effective emails. 

The estimated course duration is 3 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

Topics Covered.

  • Tour the Window 
  • Create a New email message 
  • Delivery options 
  • Reply to a message 
  • Insert and attachment 
  • Forward a message 
  • Format a message 
  • Insert objects 
  • Create a personal folder 
  • Flag a message 
  • Create Voting buttons 
  • Request receipts

Advanced Outlook Training Course.

Course Outline.

This course is designed for existing users of Microsoft Outlook who wish to learn about further tips and tricks on how to use Outlook more effectively. In this course, end users will be equipped with the skills to use rules and alerts, insert signatures, and work with calendar views and Teams.  

Estimated course duration is 3 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Topics Covered.

  • Insert signatures 
  • Create a contact and contact group 
  • Create a Business Card 
  • Out of office assistant 
  • Using Rules and Alerts 
  • Deleting messages and folders 
  • Introduce Outlook Today 
  • Working with Calendar views 
  • Create appointments/recurring appointments 
  • Working with Calendar and Teams 
  • Using the To Do bar 
  • Create a calendar meeting 
  • Create a Teams meeting