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Anywhere365 FAQ.

Get your questions answered about Anywhere365 and the Anywhere365 Cloud Contact Centre. Get valuable insights and guidance on how Anywhere365 can improve and add value to business communications. 

What is Anywhere 365?

Anywhere365 is a cost-effective cloud dialogue management system and unified cloud contact centre that runs natively on Microsoft platforms including Azure, Teams and Dynamics 365. Anywhere365 is easy to use and enhances communication at every level of the organisation.  

Anywhere365 has been adopted by over 1800 global clients across more than 60 countries, including Emirates, Swarovski, Chelsea Football Club and more. At the 848 Group, we also utilise the Anywhere365 cloud integrated with Microsoft 365 to enhance business communications and dialogue management.

What is a cloud contact centre?

A cloud contact centre is simply a contact centre solution that runs in the cloud. It combines a range of cloud-based tools that handle all inbound and outbound business communications. Organisations that require multiple communication channels, agent management, sophisticated call routing, and contact analytics will benefit from a cloud-based contact centre.  

As a cloud contact centre is hosted by a third-party provider, it eliminates the need for you to deploy or maintain your software and hardware systems. Your IT partner provides end-to-end reliable support throughout your cloud contact centre journey.  

What are the benefits of a cloud contact centre?

  • Quick and hassle-free to deploy 
  • Enables anywhere working 
  • Enhanced security and data protection 
  • Improved customer and agent experiences 
  • Centralised performance reporting 
  • Scalable and reliable 
  • Flexible pricing and lower IT costs 
  • It’s easy to adopt and user-friendly 

Is a cloud contact centre secure?

Anywhere365 runs on Microsoft Azure, the most secure cloud. This also means it’s built to seamlessly integrate within your own Azure and Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Azure is built on a foundation of first-class security and multi-layered protection provided by Microsoft. Your data and business assets are managed by cybersecurity experts and unique intelligence from Microsoft to help protect you from evolving threats. 

How will a cloud contact centre save time and money?

Anywhere365 helps you optimise business communications, improve dialogue management, and lower IT costs. Smart routing connects customers to the right agent or relevant employee to ensure first contact resolution for their enquiries and enhanced customer experiences.   

This saves time by reducing unnecessary conversations and gives customers a communication experience that moves at their pace. 

What features can be found in the Anywhere365 omnichannel contact centre?

Cloud communication solutions built on Anywhere365 can improve customer dialogues over any channel, on any device, from anywhere. Switch channels at any time and continue the conversation in the customer’s preferred communication mode.   

  • Voice  
  • Email 
  • SMS 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Social 
  • IoT 
  • Bots 
  • WhatsApp and more 

What is Anywhere365 smart routing?

Anywhere365 smart routing is the intelligent software that routes customers to the best agent with the specialist knowledge to resolve specific customer requests. Smart routing eliminates unnecessary dialogues and ensures first contact resolution of customer inquiries. Smart routing methods include:

  • CRM based routing
  • Machine learning routing
  • Last agent routing
  • Product based routing and more.

Can I run my entire cloud contact centre in Microsoft Teams?

Anywhere365 cloud contact centre is a modern, cloud-based contact centre that runs natively in Microsoft Teams and the full Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a simple and cost-effective solution, allowing businesses of any size or industry to communicate through external landlines and mobile phones through the Microsoft Teams application.

What is required to enable an Anywhere365 cloud contact centre for Microsoft Teams?

Direct Routing can be implemented simply and quickly in the cloud, removing the need for any on-premise hardware. The following components are required for any business to integrate Direct Routing:

  • Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams
  • Microsoft Phone System add-on
  • An internet connection

Why should I choose 848 for my cloud contact centre solution?

Experienced and trustworthy – With 11 years’ experience of delivering complex business changing IT solutions, we use our robust methodology to streamline your IT and add value to your business.

A complete solution – As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we design, implement and support your entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure, Microsoft 365, Direct Routing and more.

End-to-end support – We have a dedicated managed service desk with specialist certifications in Microsoft solutions to support your on your journey.

Where do I start if I want to implement a cloud contact centre solution?

848 is a trusted Anywhere365 partner and Microsoft Gold Partner with over 11 years’ experience in cloud-first business solutions and communication platforms.

Our team are ready to dedicate their skills and knowledge to help you enhance your omnichannel cloud contact centre. With the latest technologies from Microsoft and Anywhere365, we help empower your agents with the tools to provide a ‘right first time solution’ for your customers.