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Integrate security at every stage of the development lifecycle with DevSecOps from 848

Why DevSecOps? We know that security is paramount, and compliance is non-negotiable. We also know the wealth of benefits DevOps can bring to businesses of every size. Unifying Development (Dev), Security (Sec) and Operations (Ops), DevSecOps puts security at the heart of DevOps culture by automating and integrating security into every stage of the software development lifecycle.

848’s DevSecOps service has been designed to help clients access the benefits of DevSecOps. We’ll help you automate the delivery of secure and compliant software – without slowing the development process. Our team of DevOps specialists and security experts can help you integrate application and infrastructure security seamlessly into Agile and DevOps tools and processes within your organisation.

We’ll enable you to address security issues as they emerge during development – when they’re easier, faster, and less expensive for you to fix – and before your application is put into production. We’ll also help you set up automated compliance checks, remove bottlenecks and empower them to move from manual interventions, to continuous compliance. This will give smoother pipelines capable of deploying safe cost-effective applications fast and secure. 

Why choose 848 DevSecOps?

Like DevOps, DevSecOps tools, practises and culture are incredibly valuable to any business looking to gain a competitive advantage. But without the right resources, skills and experience, it’s difficult to implement effectively. DevSecOps requires significant amount of time, training and money to master.

848 is here to help make your journey easier. Our experts in DevOps and security are here to help you:

  • Gain knowledge from 848’s experienced DevOps specialists.
  • Design and deliver software that’s inherently secure.
  • Enable faster delivery of both new features and issue fixes.
  • Reduce the cost and risk of doing it yourself.
  • Establish a clear roadmap that is prioritised and deliverable.
  • Detect issues earlier and when they’re more manageable.

848 has over a decade of experience in delivering Business Changing IT. With our robust Plan, Build, Run methodology, we deliver fully integrated and optimised Microsoft solutions that maximise value in your business.

DevSecOps makes application and infrastructure security a shared responsibility of development, security, and IT operations teams to ensure an all encompassing approach to ensuring developments are secure. It follows the motto “software, safer, sooner”, by automating the delivery of secure software without slowing down software development cycles. This helps you validate the security and compliance of your developments, at the same time as maintaining the speed of new deployments.

Your Dedicated Microsoft Gold Partner.

848 is an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner with 5 Microsoft Advanced Specializations. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.

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