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Data Privacy Day 2023 – How Secure is Your Business’s Data?

During the third quarter of 2022, approximately 15 million data records were exposed worldwide through data breaches. 

Data Privacy Day is an international campaign that runs annually on the 28th of January. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security and data protection best practices. 

As cyber threats continue to evolve in complexity and the repercussions of a data breach worsen, it’s time to ask, how secure is your business’s data? When was the last time you performed a security assessment or aligned your cyber security strategy with the latest data privacy laws and regulations? 

This blog looks at the importance of data protection, how to improve your security posture, and where to begin. 

The Importance of Cyber Security and Data Protection in Your Business. 

Business owners hold a responsibility not only to protect their business data in terms of profit and reputation, but also for customer and employee trust and safety.  

Last year, 39% of UK businesses identified and reported a cyberattack of some kind and many of these businesses have suffered as a result. From financial loss, decreased employee and customer faith, and even the actual theft of personal information. 

As a business, it’s critical to ensure you have appropriate security measures and controls to protect any data you collect and store. 

It’s also important to protect your business’s data from every angle. Data runs through your technology, it’s a part of your processes, and it’s handled by your people. You need to have a security strategy that defends every base. 

Did You Know? 

  • 95% of data breaches are caused by human error. 
  • 83% of all UK cyberattacks reported in the last 12 months were Phishing attacks. 
  • The average cost of a data breach on UK businesses last year was between £4,200 – £20,000. 
  • Almost 50% of cyber attacks are targeted at SMBs, but only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. 
  • 40% of insider attacks involve an employee with privileged access to confidential company data. 


Protect Your Data Via Three Key Angles. 

Protecting your business from cyber threats isn’t just about the technology you use. An effective security strategy considers people, processes, and IT. It’s important to take a holistic approach to cyber security in order to protect your business from all angles. 

To achieve 360-degree threat protection, your data needs securing via three crucial angles: 

1.The technology that stores your data. 

How secure is your IT infrastructure, surrounding networks, and business devices? 


2. The processes your data runs through. 

Do you have a cybersecurity strategy, up-to-date policies, and risk management processes? 


3. The people who handle your data. 

How cyber-aware are your people? Do you train and test them on a regular basis? 


Start with a Security Assessment. 

The best way to find the answer to the above questions is to conduct a security assessment 

When carried out by experts, a cyber security assessment can reveal a lot about your level of defence and how to strengthen your security. Today’s IT departments must be vigilant in identifying vulnerabilities in their network, systems, processes, and people before they are targeted by hackers.  

A security assessment will help you: 

  • Identify security gaps and weaknesses in your technology. 
  • Discover vulnerabilities in your processes and policies. 
  • Understand how cyber-aware your employees are. 
  • Learn how to mitigate risks and patch weaknesses. 
  • Receive expert advice on how to improve your security strategy. 


How 848 Can Help. 

The 848 Group has a dedicated security practice with a team of IT experts. Taking a holistic approach, 848 assess and test your security architecture to reveal human, technological, and process risks, then build fit-for-purpose solutions to resolve them. 

Prioritise security in 2023. Keep your data safe. Start with an assessment