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Overcoming Non-profit IT Challenges with Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit

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Non-profit IT challenges can range from a lack of knowledge and resources to limited funding, tight budgets, and data security. The not-for-profit sector is facing an unmet need for technology solutions to help raise awareness and funds, increase visibility, and deliver the mission.

This video introduces Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit as a solution to overcome Non-profit IT challenges and to help charities accelerate the achievement of their mission using cloud-based capabilities.

How technology is transforming the not-for-profit sector

Technology has transformed the way charities and non-profit organisations run. From the decision makers to the volunteer staff, technology is being used to streamline processes, drive productivity, and enhance user experiences.

Different technology platforms have made it easier to reach a wider pool of potential donors and enhance the strategies aimed at improving visibility. AI technology has paved the way for better decision making, as organisations can harness AI data-driven insights to track processes and outcomes and run more informed reports.

Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit

Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit is a range of smart, secure, and integrated cloud solutions. It is purpose-built to help drive transformative mission impact in the non-profit sector. These solutions provide non-profit organisations with the power to improve their engagement with supporters and volunteers, deliver effective campaigns, and accelerate mission outcomes.

Microsoft Cloud for non-profit brings together the power of Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and even LinkedIn, to address everyday non-profit scenarios with a foundation of best-in-class security and compliance.

Overcome Non-profit IT challenges with an IT partner you can rely on

At the 848 Group, we work with not-for-profit organisations to design cost-effective technology strategies that support their purpose and enable positive change.

Our team can design an affordable digital transformation that aligns with your organisation’s goals. We can deploy your new technologies without disrupting your operations, and simplify the adoption process by providing all of your users with full training delivered by Microsoft experts.

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