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Our Experts Discuss Cloud Network Infrastructure

848 Insights

Networks are being stretched across more sites, applications, and devices than ever before. And with the age of distributed workforces, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and more, effective network management is tougher yet more critical than ever. Cloud network infrastructure underpins the connectivity between all variations of on-premises, edge, and cloud-based services. When implemented effectively, it can help you reduce operational costs and a provide a secure and reliable user experience.

But before you get started with cloud network infrastructure, it’s important to understand the benefits, as well as your cloud options, and the best way to begin your network transformation.

In this video, you’ll learn why our network specialists believe cloud network infrastructure is the most secure and future-proof solution for modern business. You’ll also hear why a network assessment is a great place to begin before making complex changes to your existing network setup.

A modern business needs a modern network infrastructure

As your business grows, you may find your existing network is no longer meeting your needs. Outdated network infrastructure can hinder productivity and cause IT costs to quickly spiral. Furthermore, with the rise of hybrid and remote working, it’s important to have an effective infrastructure that blends the power of the cloud with trusted networking solutions.

We can deliver a network assessment to identify network weaknesses and uncover opportunities to optimise and enhance your infrastructure. This a great place to start before creating a roadmap to a modern and future-proof environment. Our dedicated network specialists will take the time to understand your business, workplace model, security, and end-user needs, and assess whether your network is meeting these. Gain deeper visibility into what’s going on with your network, and cloud network strategy that meets your business goals.

If you feel like your network is becoming more of a hindrance than a help, or are noticing a rise in problems related to your network infrastructure, it could be time to undertake a network assessment.

What is involved in a network assessment and why is it a good place to start?

Your network underpins all the connectivity and communication in your business, so it’s essential it’s reliable, secure, and accessible for the right people. A network assessment is a good way to understand whether your network infrastructure is meeting both your business and end user needs. It’s also a great place to start before undertaking any major or complex network changes, as it provides you with the insights you need to inform your strategic decisions.

A network assessment involves an in-depth analysis of your infrastructure, including your security, policies, processes and more. This helps you identify weaknesses in your landscape, and uncover opportunities to improve efficiency, mitigate risks, save money, and more.

At 848, our team of experienced network specialists perform network assessments following industry best practices and processes. Our team examines your hardware, architecture, configurations, and security, enabling you to see clearly where your network may not be meeting your needs. You’ll receive an in-depth executive report clearly outlining our findings, this will include defined recommendations to mitigate risks and improve your network infrastructure.

To book your network assessment or for more information, click here.