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Our Experts Discuss CRM for Small Businesses

Video Webinar

Join James Drysdale, Channel Director at ClickDimensions, and Andy Mallett, Director of Solutions at the 848 Group, as they discuss the importance of CRM for small businesses and how to find the right system for your organisation. 



Customer Relationships Matter – Regardless of Your Business Size

Whether you’re a sole trader, SMB, or large enterprise, you need an efficient way to manage your customer relationships. From storing customer data and analysing order history to tailoring marketing communications, an effective CRM system is a central hub for valuable customer insights. CRM for small businesses should help you empower your people to achieve more with less. With the right CRM system, your teams can make more informed decisions with data based on customer behaviour patterns and improve customer retention by facilitating consistent and meaningful engagement.  

Finding the Right CRM System for Your Small Business

When exploring small business CRM solutions, it’s important to choose wisely. The market offers a variety of CRM for small businesses, but finding the right fit requires understanding your unique business requirements. While some CRM systems are just scaled-down versions of enterprise tools, others are designed with the specific challenges of small businesses in mind. Key features and capabilities to consider include: 

  • Affordability – Choose a CRM system that offers transparent pricing without hidden fees, ensuring you get good value for the features and support provided. 
  • Scalability – As your business grows, your CRM should be able to grow with it. Look for a system that can scale up in terms of user numbers, data storage, and functionalities. 
  • Ease of Use – Consider usability – look for an intuitive user interface. Small businesses often don’t have the resources to invest in extensive training, so a CRM that is easy to understand and use right out of the box is ideal. 
  • Customisation – Your CRM should be flexible enough to adapt to your specific business processes. Customisation can range from simple layout changes to complex workflow integrations but it’s key to have that ability to meet your unique needs. 
  • Mobile Accessibility – Ensuring your teams have access to your CRM on the go is essential. A mobile-friendly CRM ensures that your team can access customer information and perform tasks from anywhere.  

PowerPack – Purpose-Built for SMB

CRM systems are crucial for businesses of all sizes, not just enterprises. ClickDimensions PowerPack offers a tailored CRM for small businesses, combining customer data management, marketing automation, and sales engagement in a single, easy-to-use platform. 

Built on Microsoft Power Platform, it delivers essential sales and marketing features without the complexity or high costs of typical enterprise systems. PowerPack is a small business CRM that helps optimise processes, improve marketing capabilities, drive sales, and track customer interactions comprehensively. 

Unsure if your small business needs CRM? Book a demo to discover how this CRM for small businesses can help you grow.