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How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook

Microsoft Tips

Creating your first contact group in Microsoft Outlook

Do you find yourself manually cc’ing groups of people into your emails on a regular basis? Save time and create a contact group in Microsoft Outlook. You can build multiple contact groups also known as distribution lists, instead of manually adding each name to the CC tab. When you’re ready to send your email simply select the contact group you’d like to send it to and save yourself time and effort.

In this short video, we’re going to show you how to create your first contact group in Microsoft Outlook.

Nowadays sending emails to large groups is more common in both our personal lives and work lives. Although there are many driving factors shaping this trend, one of them is the recent adoption of remote and hybrid working models in many businesses across the world. Since many businesses have adopted hybrid working practices many workforces have started to rely on email platforms, like Outlook to facilitate their communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Outlook provide its users with many smart features that are designed to streamline remote working and boost productivity, such as Contact Groups, the Instant Search Tool, The To-Do Bar, and the Quick Access Toolbar. If you use Outlook on a regular basis and haven’t heard of these features before then I can guarantee that you aren’t using Outlook to its full capability. So, if that’s you then I’d recommend that you watch our Microsoft Outlook training playlist on YouTube.

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