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How to autofill, undo and redo data in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Tips

This video, delivered by our Microsoft Certified training expert, provides a quick tutorial on how to autofill, undo or redo your data.

The ‘autofill’ function is a very useful tool within Microsoft Excel, it allows you to automatically enter data. So, if you need to populate a lengthy table with data series, then the ‘autofill’ function will prove to be very helpful. What’s great about autofill, is that you can use this function with almost any data set, for numbers and for words. This video also discusses how to undo and redo any edits in your worksheet.

Here are some useful shortcuts on your keyboard to easily undo, redo, copy and paste your work.

  • Ctrl and Y to redo an action
  • Ctrl and Z to undo an action
  • Ctrl and C to copy data
  • Ctrl and V to paste data

If you would like to learn more about other features and functionality within Microsoft Excel, then head over to our YouTube. We have a channel of videos called Microsoft Excel for beginners, here you will find lots of quick intuitive tutorials to help you master Excel. All of our videos are delivered by a Microsoft Certified expert.

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