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Microsoft Dynamics 365 FAQ

Discover the answers to common questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get advice and guidance on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our Dynamics 365 FAQ section. Here you can learn more with answers to common questions surrounding the Dynamics 365 suite and other product/solution information.

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent cloud-based business applications for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Dynamics 365 is a centralised platform that brings together customers, processes, people and data from across the business into a unified solution for relationship management, sales, marketing, finance and more.

What are the benefits of using Dynamics 365?

  • Unify data from across the organisation, connecting people with continuous insights so that every decision and action is up to date. 
  • Boost employee empowerment and increase efficiency and productivity.  
  • Dynamics 365 enables you to rapidly react and respond to change with innovate intelligent technology including IoT, AI, analytics, and mixed reality. 
  • Located in the trusted Microsoft Cloud, you can access information from anywhere backup by world-class security.

Where in my business can Dynamics 365 be utilised?

Dynamics 365 has business applications and solutions for all areas of your business. Run your entire business with solutions for: 

Do I have to purchase all of the Dynamics 365 applications, or can I pick and choose?

Choose one, some, or all. You have the freedom to pick and choose the most useful products from the Dynamics 365 suite that best suit your business needs. Dynamics 365 apps can be easily and independently deployed, meaning you can begin with the area of business you need, and scale as the organisation demands.

Will Dynamics 365 work with my current infrastructure?

Dynamics 365 applications can be tailored to integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems. Dynamics 365 also works seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem including Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365. It can also be integrated with a myriad of third-party applications such as BI applications, web portals, marketing platforms, carrier management solutions and more.

Is Dynamics 365 secure?

Dynamics 365 is a holistic CRM and ERP solution with a robust security framework to bolster protection from cyberattacks or data breaches. Dynamics 365 is dedicated to helping customers meet their privacy and personal data requirements as well as GDPR. Hosted by Azure, Dynamics 365 benefits from Microsoft’s world-class security and multi-layered protection provided by Microsoft’s cybersecurity experts.

Is Dynamics 365 easy to use?

Dynamics 365 is simple to use and easy to learn and adopt. It features a unified user interface which is user friendly and ready to use. With intuitive dashboards and tools, anyone can utilise the business applications without requiring any technical or software understanding.

At 848 we provide training and support for users who are new to Dynamics 365. We deliver guidance to help get your workforce up and running with Dynamic 365 and ensure your users are adopting the products to the best of their capabilities.

Do I have to constantly update my Dynamics 365 business applications?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platform, meaning it is accessed via a web browser rather than installed on individual devices. Therefore, updates and fixes are managed by Microsoft and applied instantly and automatically which saves your IT teams the headache of software updates. Microsoft is continuously innovating with its products, and with Dynamics 365, the latest features and upgrades are automatically installed for you.

Where do I start if I’m considering Dynamics 365 for my business?

Right here! The 848 Group is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner with a team of Microsoft Certified staff. Our team of IT professionals deliver scalable, flexible cloud-based services and platforms underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and more.

Is Dynamics 365 cloud-based?

Dynamics 365 runs natively on the foundations of Microsoft Azure. Azure is a leading trusted cloud platform that seamlessly hosts your Dynamics 365 business applications. With Azure, you benefit from Microsoft’s extensive cloud capabilities and data centres globally. Dynamics 365 is designed to be a deployed in the cloud, so it fully supports your hybrid working environment with anywhere access to your business applications.