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Microsoft 365 Training Course.

Course Outline.

The Microsoft 365 training course is designed for business users who want to work together with their different teams and colleagues in the cloud. Learn how to share, co-author and collaborate in real-time across WordExcel, PowerPoint and Teams. 

On completion of this course, attendees will be able to share documents with colleagues across various channels in Teams. They will know how to insert, edit and delete comments, track changes, collaborate effectively and more – all from the comfort of Microsoft 365. The course will also show the differences between features in the browser and desktop app. 

This Microsoft 365 training course has an estimated course duration of 3 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Topics Covered in the Microsoft 365 Course.


  • Sharing a Word document 
  • Desktop app vs web app 
  • Add a comment 
  • Link to comment 
  • Edit comments 
  • Resolve a comment 
  • Delete comments 
  • Track changes in Word 
  • Turn off track changes 
  • Review, accept and reject 
  • Accept or reject a single change 
  • Collaborate in real time 
  • @mention and assign 
  • Follow ups 
  • Reviewing mode 


  • Sharing an Excel workbook 
  • Desktop app vs web app 
  • Collaborate in real time 
  • Add a comment and note 
  • Edit comments and notes 
  • Convert a note to comment 
  • Review comments and notes 
  • Show/hide notes 
  • Resolve comments 
  • Delete comments and notes 


  • Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation 
  • Desktop app vs web app 
  • See where others are working 
  • See revisions made by other people 
  • Add a comment 
  • Show comments and markups


Sharing documents: 

  • In a Teams channel 
  • In a Teams new conversation 
  • Use @mentions 
  • Screen share 
  • Add people 
  • Upload to Teams Files 
  • From chat 


Within the shared document: 

  • Change Mode to Editing or Review 
  • Add comments 
  • Catchup 
  • Conversation 
  • Open in Browser or Desktop App 
  • Meet Now and collaborate