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Dynamics Optimisation Case Study.

Helping Clean Energy Tech Firm Reduce Reduce Costs and Enhance Value.

Key Facts.

Industry Sector
Green Energy Technology

85 Employees

Dynamics Optimisation and Consultancy


  • The client had an existing CRM platform built on Dynamics which was being underutilised.
  • They were spending more money than desired with little ROI, and were struggling to identify the root cause of the issues.
  • 848 undertook an in-depth discovery and assessment of the current implementation and issues vs business requirements.
  • The team proposed a roadmap including clear recommendations and strategies to help the client improve adoption, achieve greater value, and save money.
  • The recommendations provided the opportunity for the client to save thousands of pounds per year and achieve greater value now and in the future.


Established in 2017 and supported by the UK Government, the client is a disruptor in the energy industry. With nearly 100 staff and a commitment to decarbonising the future, the client develops technologies to reduce carbon emissions, supports clean energy start-ups, and leads research and development surrounding net zero.

The Challenge.

The client had implemented a Dynamics application that was integrated with a number of third-party products. However, adoption was low, and the solution was being significantly underutilised. They had identified a number of issues but were unable to determine the root causes, and were spending more than they wanted to on licensing for the system with little benefit.

End users were struggling to get to grips with the solution, finding it complex and siloed. Many found it difficult to access insights, there were issues with tasks being duplicated, and information gaps were appearing. Furthermore, senior management wanted to know how to use the system to achieve future growth.

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of experienced Dynamics Consultants, 848 stepped into uncover where the issues were stemming from and provide clear guidance on how the client could achieve greater value, improve ROI, and save money.

The Solution.

848 undertook an in-depth discovery and assessment of the Dynamics implementation vs core business requirements to further explore the pain points the client had been experiencing, and identify root causes to the issues.

While stakeholders understood the need for the system, the discovery highlighted the underlying problems as:

  • Low data quality.
  • Bad user experience.
  • Scattered data across multiple systems (local and centralised).
  • Lack of end user training.
  • Lack of enforcement from senior management.

The team then mapped root causes to resolutions, and in turn translated resolutions into technical capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Using the findings uncovered in the assessment, 848 devised a clear roadmap to achieve greater value and optimise the solution, including a strategy to improve end user adoption. They created a design paper compiling recommendations and changes to their Dynamics implementation in line with best practices and to establish a foundation for future development.

848 Consultants also proposed 3 different license optimisation options to help the business save money, weighing up the pros and cons of each to provide full transparency and understanding to the client of the different routes available.

The Result.

The comprehensive assessment delivered by 848 enabled the client to fully understand their business requirements and processes. Therefore, they were able to make better and more informed decisions on how to proceed. The clients’ senior team were able to reflect on the solution and its suitability for the business, and this discovery directly supported a decision to test the marketplace through an RFP.

The RFP was accelerated using the information and recommendations provided, reducing the total cost of procurement. This included a technology-agnostic approach to designing, building, deploying, and adopting a solution that would better suit their needs now and in the future.

The multiple licensing optimisations recommended by 848 Consultants provided the opportunity for the client to achieve costs savings of up to £69,000 per year for just 85 users. This money saving benefit is only set to increase rapidly as the client is actively expanding the team.


Speak to the Team

The 848 Methodology in Action.


Consultants from 848 planned and performed an in-depth discovery and assessment of the client’s Dynamics implementation and pain points vs their critical business requirements.


Through their assessments, the team identified the root causes of issues and provided clear recommendations and strategy to optimise their Dynamics solution, reduce costs, and improve adoption.


The recommendations provided the client with the opportunity to save thousands of pounds per year on their Dynamics implementation and achieve greater value – now and in the future.