for operations management


for operations management

Your Business in your fingertips

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you connect your financials, sales, purchase, inventory, projects, service, and operations.

You can get an end-to-end view of your business. What’s more, with the modern workplace you can access your data anywhere, giving you freedom and control at the same time. Whether you’re in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment, Business Central runs wherever you need it, with the same user experience no matter how you choose to operate, or which devices you run!


Plan for Business Central

We can help you transition to Microsoft’s flagship finance and inventory software as a service platform by discovering and analysing the needs and requirements of your business and designing your new system accordingly.

Using 848’s Solutions Architecture Framework methodology reduces cost and complexity of planning and provides a clear roadmap for deployment.

Build for Business Central

From functional requirements to deployment, we will customise and integrate your new system to meet the specific needs of your business and organisational processes.

Reducing the time to delivery with milestoned user acceptance testing helps minimise deployment costs.

Run Business Central

Continual improvement and system evolution is part of software lifecycle and we are here to ensure your system meets the needs of your organisation and users today, and for the future.

Access to a dedicated service resource enables users to be more productive by helping resolve queries and issues quickly and successfully.

Less Admin, More Business

Whether you want real-time reporting to make informed business decisions or avoid lost sales by optimising your stock levels, Business Central has the tools you need.

Provide outstanding customer service, analyse project performance and optimise manufacturing levels in one user-friendly application. Make the most of the Cloud security benefits, built with increasing your GDPR compliance in mind. End-to-end encryption and the very best of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud allows you to focus on what’s important in your business knowing your data is as safe as it can be.


Improve Customer Service

Business Central empowers you to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution thanks to a comprehensive overview of all service tasks, workloads and employee skills. Prioritise your sales leads based on revenue potential; track all interactions and receive guidance on the most appropriate cross-sell, upsell or renewal opportunities! Accelerate the quote-to-cash process using insights on sales-related enquiries, service requests and process payments within Outlook!

Automate and Secure your supply chain

Optimise your inventory levels using in-built intelligence to accurately predict when and what stock will require replenishment. Reduce shortages and avoid lost sales by automatically calculating lead times, stock levels and reorder points. You can also maximise profitability using approval workflows.

Optimise Operations

A holistic view of your inventory allows you to run your warehousing efficiently. You can track every transaction and the movement of stock by calibrating ‘bins’ based on your warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions. Calculate and optimise your manufacturing resources and capacity to reach optimal output levels, improving production schedules and ensuring customer demands are met. Utilise expected stock-outs and sales forecasts to automatically generate production plans and purchase orders.

Go beyond basic accounting

Enjoy an end-to-end view of your organisation with connected data across sales, purchases, accounts, inventory and customer interactions. The depth of accessible data empowers you to make informed decisions; integration with PowerBI allows for financial performance to be recorded in real-time.
Business Central also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, allowing you to refine your financial forecasts by displaying and examining data across multiple platforms.
Accelerate financial close and reporting by streamlining accounts receivable and payables. You can also automate the reconciliation of accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately whilst maintaining compliance.

Manage projects and job costing

Staying within the budget can be challenging on particularly complex projects, reduce budget risks with Business Central. Make effective decisions with real-time insight on project profitability, status, and resource-utilisation metrics. You can also manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales; track invoicing for clients against planned costs on quotes and orders.

Create, manage and track projects using timesheets and benefit from advanced job costing and analytic capabilities. The depth of data here, allows you to develop, modify and control budgets, ultimately ensuring your project remains profitable!

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