Take the time to have a brew and a catch-up this Brew Monday

Brew Monday takes place on the third Monday in January every year. Often referred to as Blue Monday, the third Monday in January is associated with the saddest day of the year. However, it actually started as a way to sell holidays in January. Samaritans run this campaign to turn Blue Monday on its head and encourage people to reach out to one another. Brew Monday is about connecting, listening and helping family, friends and colleagues share how they’re feeling. This year, it takes place on the 17th of January.  

Winter can be a difficult time for so many, and having someone to chat to is a good way to help those who are going through a tough time. It’s so easy to pick up the phone and check in on someone you care about, or host a Brew Monday event of your own. 

You could turn your get-together into a fundraising event to raise money for Samaritans. Any donations raised will help people who are going through a challenging time have somewhere to turn to when they need support. Just £5 could help Samaritans answer a call for help from someone struggling to cope. 

Poster to promote Brew Monday event to raise money for Samaritans.

Host your own Brew Monday event and raise money for Samaritans 

Take a look at the Samaritans leaflet for tips on planning your Brew Monday get-together. The leaflet includes helpful information on getting people to join your event, ideas for raising money, and how to pay in the money you’ve raised.  

Although Covid continues to impact all of our daily lives, you can still host your Brew Monday event online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You could simply use your weekly/monthly meeting as an opportunity to see how everyone is doing and raise money for Samaritans. 

You can help someone by just listening on Blue Monday and all year round

Once you reach out to someone and they begin to share how they’re feeling, it’s important to give your undivided attention and listen. This means having patience and showing that you care. This could also mean not offering advice or comparisons with your own experiences unless the person asks for it.  

Samaritans has provided some little tips to help someone open up when they’re not themselves to support them on Brew Monday and all year round.

848 is passionate about supporting good mental health  

At 848, we aim to create an inclusive and open environment and working culture where mental health is taken seriously. We will be encouraging our teams to have a virtual get-together with a hot drink on Monday 17th January, and remind everyone of the importance of taking the time to catch-up and checking in on each other.  

We’re proud to be supporting Samaritans as one of our chosen charities for 2022. You can make a donation online by clicking here, or donate over the phone by calling 03709 00 00 32.