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What is DevOps? The Benefits of a DevOps Strategy

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Business’s all over the world are adopting DevOps strategy and culture

More and more businesses are seeking to adopt DevOps tools, practices, and culture into their working environment. Embracing DevOps services increases an organisations ability to deliver applications and services at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development.

Huge companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Walmart have a DevOps method integrated into their day-to-day practices. Large successful organisations are utilising this method to increase efficiency, so why shouldn’t your business benefit too?

What is DevOps?


DevOps came to life in response to the growing demand for delivering powerful software at a higher velocity. Developers and Operations Engineers now have access to the infrastructure resources and automation tools they need to create, test, and deploy software faster. 

DevOps process flow is about automation and agility. It focuses on the benefits of closing the loop between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops). The unified output enables teams to build, test, and release software production faster and more effectively. DevOps utilises a method of continuous development and improvement, incorporating agile principles and practices, such as automation, integration, testing, monitoring and feedback. The process creates new business capabilities that add value to the organisation, end users and customers.

Teams who embrace DevOps practices work smarter and faster. They respond and adapt quicker to changes in the market, meaning they can deliver better quality and value to their customers. DevOps accelerates efficiency; increased use of automation and cross-functional collaboration reduces error complexity, which in turn advances the Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) when incidents occur.

How can a DevOps strategy benefit your business?


  • A DevOps strategy maximises delivery by utilising automation tools to deploy infrastructure.
  • Optimises business practices through the benefits of improved collaboration.
  • Improves speedstability, and security (DevSecOps) of software development.
  • DevOps allows developers to focus on what matters most: end user experience and functionality.

DevOps can be easy to learn, but be challenging to master. But when applied effectively within an organisation the results are worth it; faster delivery of features, more stable and secure operating environments, improved communication and collaboration – meaning more time to grow and innovate rather than fix and maintain.

848 Certified DevOps Consultants and Engineers can help you adopt a DevOps strategy and drive business results. We have a team of IT professionals with expertise in DevOps strategy and software development on the Microsoft stack. No matter where you are on your DevOps journey, our team is here to support your business in moving it forward.