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How to utilise the help function in Excel

Microsoft Tips

Microsoft Excel is used by millions, and yet so many people are unaware of how to utilise the help function in Excel to assist them when they come across a problem. If you get stuck on a task using Excel, don’t panic. The platform provides a useful tool to help solve most problems and it’s right at your fingertips.

This video shows you where to find the help function in Excel and how to utilise it. The help function is designed to provide as many answers as possible without leaving the platform.

If you would like to learn more about other features and functionality within Microsoft Excel, then head over to our YouTube. We have a channel of videos called Microsoft Excel for beginners, here you will find lots of quick intuitive tutorials to help you master Excel. All of our videos are delivered by a Microsoft Certified expert, and designed to provide useful tips and guides to efficiently use Excel.

Why use the help function in Excel?

The help function in Excel is one of the best tools that Microsoft provides for users. Using this function, you can:

  • Solve common problems without leaving the platform
  • Get instance answers to your questions about Excel
  • Learn new methods to better utilise the platform
  • Explore ways to improve your work
  • Advance your Excel skillset

Become a master in Microsoft Excel

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