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How to Create Named Ranges in Microsoft Excel

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Named ranges in Excel are useful for providing simple navigation across your workbook. If you work with Excel spreadsheets a lot, then organising your worksheets with named ranges will save you a lot of time. Instead of using the cell reference (e.g., A1, B1 etc..) you can simply use the name that you assigned to it.

In this video you will learn how to create named ranges in Excel and how to use this method to save you time.

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Using Named Ranges in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you can create range names that refer to:

  • Cell(s) on your worksheet
  • Specific word or number values
  • Formulas

Once you have defined your Excel range names, you can:

  • Utilise the names in a formula, instead of using cell references or a constant value.
  • Search a name and quickly go straight to that named range of cells.
  • Use the range names as a source for the items in a data validation drop down list.

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