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Here at 848, we can manage your IT infrastructure, supporting the activities and services that are required by your users to support your business functions.

Inclusive IT Service

Protect and secure your IT environment in it’s entirety. Facilitate cyber security solutions defending you against online threats. Administer information and rights management, ensuring only authorised access.

Networking Secure Services


Our networking offers reliable connectivity, protecting your operative systems from malicious attacks. Skillful monitoring and management of well-configured firewalls can remove the strain of remaining secure at the height of GDPR compliance;


  • Managed Networking: Monitoring and managing of key infrastructure elements, ensuring seamless operating of networks.
  • Firewall as a Service: Proactive monitoring of firewalls ensuring stability and security.

Proactive IT Support

Automated remote monitoring of physical and remote servers, firewalls & infrastructure. Pre-emptive fault checking based on pre-determined criteria. Continuous checks for disk space, RAM/CPU usage, back-ups, patches, updates, connectivity.

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