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848 Relocates and Reengineers a Business Data Platform on Azure and Provides IT Support for a Global Sport Governing Body.

Key Facts.

Industry sector
Global Sport Governing Body 

100+ employees 

Data Platform Relocation & Ongoing Managed IT Support


  • The client had a business data platform hosted by a third party and wished to exit the contract and become more self-sufficient. 
  • They were searching for a partner to not only guide and execute an implementation but to support the application and its associated platform. 
  • 848 designed, configured, and delivered a complete relocation from the client’s existing hosted environment to their own tenant mapping areas for improvements such as processes, security, and configuration. 
  • 848 introduced pragmatic improvements to the data platform supporting more robust ingestion and better security whilst reducing operating costs. 
  • A hybrid implementation and on-going management approach introduced a flexible model that supported knowledge transfer, self-sufficiency and reduced operating costs.  


Our client is a leading Global Sport Governing Body based in the UK. The organisation’s goal is to drive performance and standards across events, regions, and age groups whilst supporting and equipping teams at an Olympic level. With over 100 staff and a large consumer base, the client relies on its reporting solution and web application to gather key insights on user performance and make more informed and efficient decisions. 

The Challenge.

The client wished to end a contract with their existing service provider for a data platform and move to a new approach hosted in their own cloud tenant. The timelines were tight and required a pragmatic approach to moving the platform whilst obtaining improvements. 

The client needed to become more self-sufficient in managing the platform and required a service provider who could be flexible and support a hybrid project approach. 

Due to the sensitive athlete data used on the application, security was a key consideration. And so, the client also needed support on the design and configuration of core security functionality, compliance controls, and information protection policies. 

The Solution.

848 assembled a team of consultants and architects to carry out a discovery of the client’s current platform and establish the key requirements and client needs. As part of the discovery 848 worked with the client’s internal team to map out any processes that could be improved and address any issues or challenges to overcome. This ensured the migration process was seamless, designed with an accurate timeline, and built to meet the needs of the organisation.  

848 designed a high-level architecture for the new Azure platform to host the client’s application. The project was delivered using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption Framework methodology to ensure the migration, configuration, and adoption were delivered in line with best practices. 848 built, configured, and secured the new environment to meet the design and support requirements of the application. Throughout the project, testing and monitoring ensured services were implemented effectively and accurately, with any issues identified and remediated before the environment went live. 

848 designed a service description for the provision of the environment’s managed service. This was accepted as an extension to the client’s in-house support team. 848 onboarded the platform and its users to the 848 service desk as part of the project so that support could be provided immediately. This collaborative and flexible support approach meant the client saved costs. 

The Result.

The client now has its application and Azure platform hosted on its own tenant with flexible access to 848 guidance when needed. The collaborative managed service approach between 848 and the client’s internal teams means support costs for the client has reduced.  

Several key data ingestion pipelines were either made more robust or had improved monitoring which improved efficiency of the overall solution. 

Security boundaries were introduced to ensure that data was protected throughout the lifecycle and that management of data was restricted to ensure data integrity. 

The flexibility of the 848 resourcing model allowed the client to use their own resources reducing costs and increasing knowledge transfer. 

848 delivered an effective knowledge transfer of the migration including any improvements to configuration and processes. The client now benefits from scalability on demand, stronger security, and improved insights, and its users can now access the application securely from any location. 

The 848 Methodology in Action.


848 designed a detailed work breakdown of the client’s data platform relocation and reengineering to help the client achieve its goal of self-sufficiency. 


848 built, configured, and secured the new environment in line with best practices and to meet the design and support requirements of the application.


The client now has its application and Azure platform hosted on its own tenant achieving its goal of self-sufficiency. 848 now provides on-going support on a flexible model.