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Introducing SureStart Deal Manager – Our Low-Cost CRM Alternative

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new low-cost CRM alternative, SureStart Deal Manager. Deal Manager is an easy to adopt and easy to deploy sales tool available on an ultra-affordable pay monthly basis. It offers a streamlined set of features to manage customers, opportunities, leads and more. 

While there is a wide range of sales tools and CRM options on the market, they are often expensive and time-consuming to deploy, integrate, and maintain. There are very few solutions out there that are suitable for organisations in need of a more mature solution, but aren’t looking for the complexity or cost that comes with an enterprise-grade system. 

Bridging the CRM Cost Gap

Lots of SMB’s utilise tools such as Microsoft Excel to manage sales and customer data. But as their business grows, this can quickly cause issues. However, the price jump from this approach to solutions such as Hubspot is vast. Even SMB solutions such as Zoho are often too expensive for organisations who are experiencing growth but can’t or don’t want to commit to a more complex system. This makes it hard for smaller or newer businesses to access quality CRM features. 

SureStart Deal Manager has been developed inhouse by our team of CRM Specialists to bridge that gap. Starting at just £5 per user per month, it offers a streamlined and low-cost CRM alternative for organisations looking to upgrade their CRM capabilities without hefty upfront fees. 

Andy Mallett, Director of Solutions at the 848 Group, said: “Over the years, sales tools have become increasingly complex and feature rich. This complexity also comes with higher costs of purchase and ownership. At 848, we wanted to support our SMB’s by giving them a tool that is good value, easy to adopt and is future-ready… enter Deal Manager.” 

An Easy to Deploy CRM Alternative

Implementing a new CRM system is not just costly, it can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming too. Developed as a Power App on the Microsoft Power Platform, SureStart Deal Manager is both easy to deploy and easy to integrate into your existing Microsoft environment. 

Implementation is straightforward and supported by the 848 team, and the lightweight design makes it largely maintenance free. This means there is minimal effort required from your internal IT team to get up and running with Deal Manager. Deal Manager also comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive range of features that are easy for employees to learn. 

There are also no upfront fees or hidden costs, and there’s no minimum seat count. This makes it a great CRM option for growing businesses, without any risk or long-term commitment required. 

Learn More About Deal Manager

SureStart Deal Manager is available for just £5 for a monthly per user license, while £14 per month includes rapid break/fix support direct from the developers themselves. If you are looking to upgrade your sales capabilities, but don’t need complex or advance set of features, Deal Manager is a great CRM alternative. Try it for free for 1-month – no risk! 

If you would like to know more about SureStart Deal Manager, please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to provide with you with a free demo.