In supply chain management, last mile logistics is the term used to describe the last leg in a products journey. It’s a core part of the supply chain as it’s the final stage before goods or products reach the end-user. And while referred to as the last “mile” – it’s often a lot longer than that, so other terms such as last touch or last leg logistics are also used.  

Whatever you choose to call it, it’s one of the most prominent supply chain challenges in modern business. 

The importance of last mile logistics 

Last mile logistics are particularly important in the modern business world as delivery plays a critical part in the customer experience.  

Covid and the rise of online shopping has accelerated the emphasis on the last leg. A quarter of UK shoppers say they have permanently changed the way they shop due to the pandemic, favouring digital experiences to the high street.  

Customer expectations are rising 

Customer demands and expectations are higher than ever when it comes to shipping. The convenience and simplicity of ecommerce is the reason more than 75% of consumers shop online every month – and they want to choose how and when their goods are delivered. Consumers want choice and most often speed and efficiency when it comes to receiving their purchases. In fact, 61% of online shoppers say they would pay more for same day delivery

Last mile logistics and your bottom line 

The last mile also has a big impact on your profitability. Roughly 40% of a typical products logistics costs are associated with the final stage in the order fulfilment process. No wonder more businesses are evaluating and rethinking the last leg to improve efficiency and minimise wasted resources. Implementing a strategy to manage and streamline your last mile logistics is now key to protecting your bottom line. 

So how do you improve your strategy surrounding last mile logistics? 

Smart shipping solutions using Smart Freight

Smart shipping solutions for last mile logistics 

Multi-carrier management software such as SmartFreight can help you automate and optimise last mile logistics in your organisation. It enables you to build relationships with a plethora of carriers and gives you control in finding the optimum logistics options for your different requirements. 

You can easily compare and automate the best service based on your business strategy and rules, such as price, speed and sustainability. This helps you maintain a last leg service that benefits customer experiences and your bottom line. 

Improve last mile logistics with SmartFreight and 848 

848 is proud to be partnered with SmartFreight, a leader in multi-carrier management and shipping solutions. SmartFreight helps businesses streamline their shipping strategy and last mile logistics. We can deliver a smart shipping solution and fully integrate it with your Dynamics 365 platform. We can also build your e-commerce shop combining SmartFreight, Sana Commerce and Dynamics 365.