Have you outgrown your current shipping strategy? As your business evolves, so should your approach to carrier management and after-sales logistics. A multi-carrier management solution could be your answer to business growth.

If you’re struggling with order fulfilment or rising costs, it could be time to upgrade to a multi-carrier shipping strategy. When you’re just starting up, working with a single shipping carrier or service will probably do. But as your business expands, and the number and volume of orders increase, relying on a single carrier can put a stopper on your growth. With more sales and shipments to make, being dependent on one service provider will create a plethora of issues surrounding customer experiences, cost control and order fulfilment. So how can you upgrade your shipping strategy?

Employee in warehouse using a multi-carrier shipping solution

How a multi-carrier shipping strategy can benefit business growth 

Improved customer experiences 

While you may think the hard part is over after a customer has made a purchase – your after-the-sale logistics are just as important. Shipping and delivery are key in the customer purchase experience. A bad shipping experience can actually be the difference between a happy and an unhappy customer. Consumers are shopping online in increasingly larger numbers and their expectations are higher than ever when it comes to shipping. Customers expect choice and quick delivery times. Relying on a single service can make it difficult to meet customer expectations. A multi-carrier approach allows you to give your customers the freedom to choose the option that meets their needs. This helps you meet their expectations and prevent bad experiences.

Increased cost efficiency

Your shipping strategy can have a big impact on your bottom line, so it’s essential to optimise your after-sales logistics. Without the choice of multiple carriers, you have nothing to leverage a better deal. Plus, shoppers want their packages faster. In fact, 61% say they would pay more for same day delivery. If you have one provider to rely on for speedy shipping, your costs could start to spiral. Utilising multiple carriers means you can easily compare prices and find the best-suited provider for different requirements at the right cost. This also makes it easier to negotiate costs – and if they can’t match your expectations, you have plenty of other choices.

Greater flexibility and control

Variety is the spice of life. But as already discussed, one shipping provider means your options are limited. There will always be a trade-off when it comes to your needs. It also puts the control into the providers hands. With multiple providers, you can easily compare and select the best service based on your business logic and rules – be it price, speed, or even selecting the shipping option with the lowest carbon footprint. This gives you the control in finding the optimum service for your different requirements.

Business growth

Ultimately, a multi-carrier management can help you take your business to the next level. Happier customers, reduced costs, greater choice and flexibility – all these things can enable your business to continue to expand. We’re partnered with SmartFreight, a leader in multi-carrier management and shipping solutions provider. Clever shipping solutions and multi-carrier management systems from SmartFreight enable you to give your customers greater choice and value. We fully integrate SmartFreight solutions within your IT infrastructure to ensure an optimised solution that works with your existing landscape.

Want to upgrade to a multi-carrier shipping strategy? Get in touch to learn about fully integrated shipping solutions from SmartFreight and 848!