Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make and take calls from anywhere you have an internet connection. Digital phone systems using VoIP have transformed the way businesses interact with colleagues, customers, and partners, making meetings and communication more convenient and productive for everyone.

Many businesses have already successfully made the move from traditional Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) to digital phone services, and are benefitting from increased accessibility, reduced costs, and advanced features for small and large teams. These businesses are not only ready for the future – they’re already enjoying the advantages of a cloud-based phone system.

The move to digital phone services is inevitable. Why is this? Because the PSTN Switch Off is happening in 2025. From then on, at home or at work, we’ll all be using digital phone systems to place and receive calls.

However, hundreds of businesses are sceptical about going digital due to the myths associated with the technology. In this article, we break down the myths and misconceptions about digital phone systems – and set the record straight.

1. Digital phone services are expensive

Cost savings is one of the key reasons why so many businesses are already using digital phone systems. VoIP is a cloud-based phone system, removing all the hardware maintenance costs you’d have to endure with PSTN. It also offers lower TCO than legacy systems as they are easier to maintain and upgrade, providing ongoing value now and in the future.

2. It’s technical and time-consuming

Digital phone systems are actually easier to look after than on-premises systems. All updates and maintenance are remote and timely so there’s no waiting around for an engineer or physical upgrade. If you deploy your digital phone system with a BT Wholesale Partner like 848, you can benefit from ongoing technical guidance and support that saves you time and hassle.

3. VoIP is not reliable

Disruption to your phone systems can be catastrophic. Traditional phone lines are prone to interruptions for many reasons, including power outages and bad weather conditions. Our digital services run on the UK’s most reliable BT network with multiple data centres, so if your connection goes down, traffic switches seamlessly to another connection and your service carries on regardless.

4. Call quality over the internet isn’t as good

Thanks to the advancements in network connectivity, calls over the internet are actually clearer and better quality than calls made over traditional PSTN. And, with a business-class, voice-optimised, and high bandwidth broadband connection, calls on VoIP are crystal clear. The bottom line is, the better your internet connection, the higher your call quality.

5. It’s only for big businesses

On the contrary – small and medium sized businesses can utilise digital phone features that offer more flexibility and mobility, and at a lower running cost. From sole traders to enterprise, there’s digital phone services that are perfect for every organisation, whatever your size. Our digital voice packages range from express services to enterprise scale. You can start as small as you want and expand as your business scales.

6. I’ll need a new number – customers won’t find us

Not true. You can keep your existing number if want to. A major advantage of digital phone lines is the ability to have the same number on multiple devices, wherever you are. Your customers can ring your office number and you can answer the call anywhere you can get an internet connection. You’ll never have to miss a call again.

7. You can’t do as much with a digital phone system

Cloud systems can do everything your on-premises phone system can do and more – all at a reduced cost. You can also integrate your phone system with your business applications enabling fast, fluid, and effective communication. Our Voice One Teams Connect solution brings your voice communications to Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Voice One Teams Connect here.

8. It’s challenging to install and manage

Setting up digital phone systems is as easy as downloading an app. Without any technical knowledge, you can manage your phone numbers, call flows, and users from anywhere. All you need is a fast internet connection and a reliable service provider that can offer features based on your business requirements and you’re there.

9. It runs over the internet so it’s not secure

Your digital phone system can be as safe as you want to make it. As long as your internal network is secure, your phone network will be too. VoIP service providers are much more resilient to security threats compared to any traditional phone service. Speak to your provider about securing your lines. Firewalls, authentication, and encryption will ensure your calls are protected.

10. It’ll be a huge job moving from my old phone system

Digital phone services can be very easy to install, with the right provider, technology, and planning. Once you’re all set up, you’ll never have to change again. Unified Communications with digital phone lines is the future and will save you time and money.

Are You Ready for the PSTN Switch Off?

Ready or not, the PSTN switch-off is coming. In 2025, the old analogue network will be terminated. From then, every phone line in the UK will be digital, routing calls over IP (Internet Protocol) rather than the traditional PSTN. You need to start planning your move today because there could be a lot to do, and you don’t want to get left behind. It’s not just about calls, you will need to review everything you’re connecting to your phone lines, like CCTV, door entry systems, and alarms.

Make the Move with Support from a BT Wholesale Partner

With these myths and misconceptions cleared up, are you ready to future-proof your business and enjoy the benefits of a digital phone system?

The 848 Group is a BT Wholesale Partner, delivering leading comms solutions underpinned by the most trusted network in the UK. We can design, deploy, and support bespoke communications solutions underpinned by the UK’s most trusted network. That’s how you know you’re in safe hands. We’ll work with you to find the products and services that best meet both the needs of your business and end users, with expert support and guidance every step of the way.

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