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Evolving Our Services Division To Deliver Greater Value To Customers 

Cloud IT partner the 848 Group has appointed Richard Webb to lead and shape its services team. Richard will move into the position of Director of Services. He will join Andy Mallett and James Saunders in steering the business through its next growth stage.   

James has headed up the consulting division as Director since 2013, while Andy joined the business as Solutions Director in 2014. The three will now work as the core leadership team that drives the future of 848.  

Adapting to change  

848 has grown significantly in headcount and revenue over recent years. We has used this growth to expand its services portfolio to provide greater choice to clients as their needs have evolved. Whilst the business is closely aligned with Microsoft, it has been enhancing partnerships with vendors such as ServiceNow and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a wider range of “as-a-service” offerings to customers.  

As the business has changed, 848 has recognised a need to formalise its leadership structure and ensure the three core divisions are unified. This will ensure customers receive a seamless experience when engaging with the business and provide greater value.   

“In our effort to deliver business-changing IT that provides real value, we have identified the importance of bringing together strong and knowledgeable leaders who will develop and improve 848 services. Our customers can expect more services which address the broad needs of business regarding planning, building and running efficient IT services.”

– Andy Mallett

About the 848’s IT Services Team (leadership) 

Richard has been with the 848 Group for 2 years as the Head of Architecture. He has 20 years of experience in the IT services industry. As well as 12 years of experience in strategic outsourcing and 5 in complex IT procurement. He has also worked as an IT Director leading a complete IT restructure, meaning that he has in depth understanding of the importance of IT services from both sides.  

Andy has 26 years of experience shaping and delivering business applications and technology services and 8 years in enterprise architecture and business leadership, developing vision, strategy and tactics that align with IT.  

James has worked in the IT industry for 23 years with a focus on strategic project delivery. He has 8 years of experience working with the NHS and local government, as well as 9 years in running and developing a business division and managing key supplier relationships. 

“This is an extremely experienced leadership team who know how to define, shape and unify IT services that deliver real business value to our customers. As 848 continues to grow, this team will ensure that our portfolio is cohesive and agile so that it evolves in line with the always-changing needs of SMBs and large enterprise.”

– Kerry Burn