Microsoft 365 is the only all-in-one solution you need to run your organisation.


Microsoft’s Modern Desktop guarantees Simplicity, flexibility and mobility for your users and ensures your IT is consistently managed, secure and controlled. Enjoy the best computing experience favoured by end-users and IT professionals.


Plan for Microsoft 365

We will carry out a discovery of the existing on-premises workloads, looking at the existing server platforms running services such as email and file storage. We will identify areas for a phased migration plan to migrate services into Microsoft 365.

Having access to expert guidance will provide clairty in your objectives and realise a business case for migration.

Build for Microsoft 365

Building on the information captured in the plan stage, the Microsoft 365 tenancy is built and hyrbid connectivity set-up to your on-premises environment. Remediation work may be required in preparation for the set-up of the migration toolset to move workloads seamlessly to the cloud.

Delivering successful migration services first time, helps to reduce overall engagement costs, reducing risk and project delivery time.

Run Microsoft 365

Working as an extension of your IT team, we can provide end-user enablement services to ensure complete access to Microsoft 365 services and answer any ‘how-do-I’ type questions. Post project support is provided and some customers will opt for a managed service covering Microsoft 365 and end-user support queries.

Having access to a dedicated service resource enables users to improve producitivity by helping resolve user queries and issues quickly and successfully.

Microsoft 365: An Overview


Cloud powered intelligent security proactively protects your users.
Modern desktop security features reduce the risk of a breach by 40% and reduce the number of end-user security incidents by 20%.


Modern desktop users save 2.3 hours per week due to more efficient collaboration and communication. Knowledge workers have access to the newest collaboration and communication features, including co-authoring documents and using Microsoft Teams to replace in-person meetings.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Microsoft’s agile updates and simplified management reduces costs associated with support, licenses, infrastructure and management.

Benefit from innovation

Windows 10

Windows 10 is secure, reliable and efficient, offering features that will truly save you time as well as keep your device protected.


Manage your cloud computing capabilities in Azure’s cloud environment. Safely build, test, deploy and manage your applications and services.

Office 365

Provide your users with an intelligent and advanced productivity platform that optimises communication and collaboration.


Enterprise Mobility & Security

EM+S is a suite of tools that provide extra control over your company’s data.


windows 7 end of life

Windows 7 is due to go end of life as of January 14th 2020.

If you’re running on Windows 7, it’s important you prepare your organisation for the end of security patches at support for the OS.

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