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Microsoft Launches Operator Connect Mobile To Provide Unified Business Communication Experiences

Microsoft has announced a new innovation to support the modern workforce. Microsoft Operator Connect Mobile has been designed to provide great flexibility and communication for employees across locations. Built on Teams and 5G mobile networks, and managed centrally through Microsoft 365, it will provide truly unified business communication experiences.

As employees are no longer bound by location, teams need greater flexibility and agility when it comes to communication.

Operator Connect Mobile will provide just that – a truly unified business communication experience, enabling seamless communication across mobile, laptop, desk phone, room systems and more. This means one number for every device, including unified voicemail and call history. No dropped calls or lost context.

Microsoft has said the solution preview will be available soon, with general availability later on in the year.

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Operator Connect Mobile will create inclusive workplaces

This new service will provide business users a unified business communication experience underpinned by Teams. Whether an employee is office-based, hybrid, fully remote or mobile, Operator Connect Mobile will ensure secure and seamless communication experiences.

Organisations will now be able to elevate mobile identities into enterprise grade unified communication systems, giving employees greater flexibility and experiences across locations.

Users will benefit from a single, business-provided, SIM-enabled number across desktop, mobile and Microsoft Teams. This means they can seamlessly switch between devices and Teams endpoints without losing call connection or context.

Operator Connect Mobile enables new opportunities for greater efficiency, flexibility, connectivity, security, and compliance, which are essential in the new hybrid workplace.

Built to support mobile and hybrid workers 

The hybrid workplace is now the prime choice for many businesses. People are more mobile than ever before, demanding greater flexibility and connectivity. Operator Connect Mobile will support true hybrid and mobile working. It will support the seamless transition of your call to your laptop and onto the Microsoft Teams application without ending the call, or losing quality of connection. 

For example, if you’re on your way to the office and you make a call on your mobile phone, you then arrive at the office where you would like to continue the call on your laptop as a Teams video conversation. Operator Connect Mobile will make it simple to switch between devices and locations and shift from your voice network to your data network enabling you to work from anywhere with consistent call quality. 

The benefits of Operator Connect Mobile

Network and device agnostic = greater flexibility

Microsoft has explained that Operator Connect Mobile is network and device agnostic, meaning users have one business-provided number across their mobile, desk phone, other devices and Microsoft Teams. This unique capability creates additional flexibility for users to operate remotely by enhancing reachability and reliability, centralising business communication, and simplifying the calling experience.

Ability to remove redundant services and streamline support  

Operator Connect Mobile will enable organisations to eliminate redundant equipment and consolidate services. This includes removing unnecessary fixed lines and mobile services, and reducing the number of devices to purchase, maintain and support. This helps in realising significant cost-savings, and decreasing long-distance, and intra-company mobile costs.

Simple security and compliance

Operator Connect Mobile will enable you to roll out policies surrounding the recording and retention of voice calls. Users’ mobile numbers can be configured to appear as through they’re coming from the organisation to avoid exposing the number externally. You will also have the ability to enforce business policies, including security, compliance and data governance protocols, even with 5G, wireless-only users.

A partner operation

Microsoft has collaborated with operator partners to bring this capability to users in their respective service areas. Current partners include BT, Telia, Swisscom, Verizon and Rogers. Microsoft plans on working with additional carriers to expand reach and availability in the future.

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