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Microsoft Teams Training Courses.

Improve communication and collaboration capabilities in your organisation with instructor-led Microsoft Teams training coursesSelect from our beginner and advanced Microsoft training courses to suit the different levels of employee requirements and capabilities in your business. Our end user training courses for Microsoft Teamswill empower your employees to connect and interact with confidence, and provide them with better understanding of how to navigate their way around the Teams application. 848’s Microsoft Teams training course can be delivered virtually, at your preferred location, or at the 848 Group head office.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Training Course.

Course Outline.

This course is designed for end users who wish to work collaboratively with internal and external colleagues. On completion of this course, end users will be able to find their way around Microsoft Teams effectively, participate in conversations and personal chats. They will be able to join and create a meeting, share their screen, and collaborate with documents. 

The estimated course duration is 2 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Topics Covered.

  • Change Status and Status Messages
  • Activity
    • Feed  
    • Activity  
    • Filters  
    • Settings 
  • Chats, Calls and Meetings
    • Start a new chat 
    • Filter chats by name 
    • Type a new message 
    • Format a message 
    • Setting importance level, inserting attachments, emojis, GIF’s, Stickers 
    • Use @mentions 
    • Reply to a chat 
    • Video call 
    • Audio call 
    • Screen share 
    • Add people 
    • More options – pin a chat
  • Teams 
    • Viewing teams and channels 
    • Pin a channel 
    • Being invited to a team 
    • New conversation 
    • Meet now 
    • Schedule a meeting 
    • Posts, files  
  • Calendar
    • Schedule a meeting from Calendar 
    • Edit a meeting 
    • Join a meeting 
    • Cancel a meeting 
  • Calls 
    • Phone – Dial number, select from history 
    • Contacts – Call, chat, email, video call, call, add to speed dial, remove contact 
    • Add contacts
  • In a meeting

    • Background filters 
    • Camera/Audio – when joining, make required choice and can be changed during the meeting 
    • Show/hide participants 
    • Show conversation 
    • Emojis 
    • More options – device settings, gallery, full screen, background effects, start recording, don’t/show chat bubbles, dial pad 
    • Screen sharing 
    • Sharing and collaborating documents 

Advanced Microsoft Teams Training Course.

Course Outline.

This course is designed for end users who have experience of communicating and collaborating in Microsoft Teams and want to master more advanced features and functionality. This includes understanding a wider range of options in chats, calls and meetings, learning more about Teams channels, sharing calendars, Teams settings and more. 

The estimated course duration is 2 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.   

Topics Covered.

  • Tour the Microsoft Teams window
  • Chats, Calls and Meetings
    • Filter chats by Unread, Meetings, Muted 
    • Pop out of a chat 
    • Organisation in chat 
    • Activity in chat 
    • Add a tab 
    • More options – mark as unread, pin, add to favourite contacts, mute, hide, notify when available, manage apps 
    • New meeting from chats 
    • Schedule meeting using Schedule assist 
    • Add a contact 
    • Add a favourite contact
  • Teams
    • Team options – hide, manage, add channel, add member, leave team, get link to team, manage tags 
    • Channel options – channel notifications, pin, manage channels, get email address, get link to channels, connectors 
    • Join or create a team – from scratch, add external guests 
    • Send an email to a channel 
    • Show channel information 
    • Adding Apps to the Navigation Bar 
  • Calendar
    • Share a calendar 
  •  Files
    • Teams and channels – where files are stored 
    • Chat sessions – where files are stored 
    • Back up files from teams 
  • In a meeting

    • Breakout room 
    • More options – call health, meeting options, meeting notes, meeting info, turn on live caption 
  • Settings
    • Out of office 
    • Add account 
    • Theme 
    • Do not disturb 
    • Block contacts