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Managed Services Case Study.

848 and Deloitte Provide Flexible Managed Service to a Global Electrical Innovator.

Key Facts.

Industry Sector
Electric Aviation

Supporting 550 End Users Across Europe

Managed Services and Support


  • The client was transitioning to a managed service after a large scale digital transformation delivered by 848 in collaboration with Deloitte.
  • The environment was complex, with a range of technologies across three sites across Europe.
  • Over 300 employees with 400 devices required support initially, a number that would incrementally grow to around 550 as the project progressed.
  • 848 designed a bespoke managed service package, encompassing the support of everything from on-premises infrastructure to end user computing.
  • The client now has a reliable IT partner looking after its diverse IT environment, and employees can work securely from anywhere.


The client is a global leader in electrical engineering, power systems and aerospace innovation. Operating across 50 countries, the organisation aims to create cleaner power solutions that meet the needs of industries from aviation to submarines.

The focus of the engagement was on assisting the client in delivering an IT programme, including the design and implementation of a modern workspace and the cloud. The programme initially considered 300 end users in Hungary and Germany, before a complex transformation and the subsequent managed service. As the project has evolved, the number of employees supported has risen to around 550.

The Challenge.

A successful enterprise-scale digital transformation project delivered by 848 in collaboration with Deloitte was coming to a close. The client now had a modern but large and complex environment that needed supporting.

The environment was complex as it encompassed a Zero Trust architecture and an extensive range of different technologies within. The environment connected three sites across two European countries. There was a heavy focus on support requirements for networking, infrastructure management, security, and end user computing.

Despite requiring a managed service for client-owned locations, to enable hybrid working, end users still needed the ability to work at home if they weren’t onsite. There were 330 end users with 400 devices (as some employees had multiple devices) that needed support. Although, the number of end users would rise to 550 at the completion of the initial project. With hundreds of users to support, the managed service transition and onboarding had to be seamless.

The Solution.

As a key collaborator of Deloitte and experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP), 848 designed a bespoke managed service to maintain and support the client’s complex IT environment. The managed service would provide flexible monitoring and support for a range of different technologies and support towers, while maintaining an evergreen Zero Trust environment.

This included providing support for the critical onsite infrastructure for the client, managing the on-premises networking equipment, physical infrastructure, and virtualisation hosts. It also included supporting and managing the modern workplace environment, inclusive of the collaboration platform, cloud app security, and the integration with Line of Business applications.

The team would also provide end user computing for the hundreds of employees. This would cover the devices from OS layer upwards, but not the physical devices, as it was decided by both parties that these were best managed by the local IT teams.

Part of the service was to ensure the integrity and security of the client’s environment, providing assurance that all company data and workspaces were highly secure. 848 recommended a Zero Trust model, inclusive of strict security monitoring to detect suspicious user activity, vulnerabilities, and potential data breaches.

The Result.

Employees have a reliable and consistent user experience across all locations, with around 550 end users now being supported by 848. This is thanks to the rapid and reliable support delivered by the 848 managed service team. The team has continuously outperformed the target of 80% across incident and request resolution and responses, achieving 97% six months in a row.

Employees can fulfil their role from anywhere, whether this is at home, the client site, or any other location. This flexibility is enabled by following the processes of the Zero Trust environment to ensure users are always secure. The Zero Trust model has made sure critical data and infrastructure is protected from threats, regardless of where employees work.

The client has praised 848 for its consistent hard work and efforts in providing excellent support to a complex environment. A second-phase transformation project with the client also means the manage service is growing to include additional sites across Europe, Asia and USA, with new users being onboarded this year.


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The 848 Methodology in Action.


After a successful transformation project, 848 designed a flexible managed service offering to provide support for the clients large and complex environment.


Hundreds of end users have been provided consistent experiences and support in both Zero Trust and IT environments unifying multiple sites across Europe.


848 has continued to deliver rapid and valuable support to users, enabling secure anywhere working, with more end users being onboarded soon.