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Application Modernisation.

Modernise your software and legacy applications by moving them to the cloud.

Our Application Modernisation service has been designed to help businesses easily migrate their existing or legacy applications and software to a modern cloud environment. Moving to the cloud offers so many advantages over traditional infrastructure, from cost saving benefits, to increased reliability. That’s why many organisations solely rely on cloud platforms to host all their IT services.

While most businesses now utilise the benefits of the cloud in some way, those relying on a range of existing and legacy applications will face greater complexity in their cloud migration journey. Our Application Modernisation service helps businesses migrate their core existing applications and services to the cloud so that they run better, operate faster, and are easier to scale.

Our team utilise intelligent app services within Microsoft Azure, in tandem with a tried-and-tested DevOps strategy to enable you to modernise your software landscape. By deploying your existing applications in a secure cloud environment, we’ll help you enjoy greater flexibility to scale, update and fix your software, whilst also supporting you in reducing costs and inefficiencies.

848 is a Microsoft Gold Partner with certified experts specialising in cloud migrations, application development and more.

What are the Benefits of Moving Apps to the Cloud?

Today, every company runs different types of software and applications that are essential not just for day-to-day operations, but success. An organisations customer-facing applications are particularly important. Customers are central to the objectives of business.

Many start-ups such as online health providers, e-commerce sites and challenger banks gain and maintain customers by providing new applications and services. Over the past few years the strategy for adopting cloud has evolved from saving costs to being the engine of a business. Moving applications to the cloud enables them to run with greater efficiency backed by a reliable and secure infrastructure.

Using cloud technologies and expertise, our application modernisation service can help you navigate through the challenges involved in moving your core applications and legacy systems to the cloud so that they run faster and more efficiently for your customers.

848 has over a decade of experience in delivering business changing IT. With our robust plan, build, run methodology, we deliver fully integrated and optimised Microsoft solutions that maximise value in your business.

What’s Involved in the Application Modernisation Service?


In order to take the first step to cloud migration, our expert Microsoft Cloud specialists will assess your current software and applications to assess compatibility through our custom assessment report and Migration Assistant tool.

Migration to Azure Cloud

Once we’re happy with the preparation for migration, we can bring the web application to Azure through 3 different paths:

  1. Automating the process with the App Service Migration Assistant tool for .NET and PHP apps.
  2. Redeploying the existing code by setting up a CI/CD pipeline with App Service as the destination for deployments.
  3. Containerising the existing application and deploying it to App Service.

Deployment – Azure App Service – Code (the technical stuff)

  • For customers who want to redeploy their existing codebase themselves, Azure App Service offers flexibility on a choice of technologies to use for development and deployment.
  • The Azure App Service supports the most common programming languages and frameworks (such as all flavours of .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, or Ruby), development tools (with integration with Visual Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ, or Eclipse), source code repositories (such as GitHub, Azure DevOps, Git, Bitbucket) and CI/CD tools and engines (with Azure DevOps, Kudu, Jenkins, or Maven).
  • We provide an effective deployment experience, Azure App Service provides several deployment slots for the same site, enabling customers to have zero downtime deployments and zero canary deployments.
  • The service helps identify and resolve errors faster and more effectively through an integrated monitoring and logging system within Azure. Thus, providing detailed information about metrics and usage, including a chatbot-like experience that highlights the root of problems and recommended solutions.
  • We can mix and match lifecycle management tools for Azure to create workflows suited to you, with applications from Microsoft, open source, or your favourite 3rd party tools.

Azure App Service – Containers

  • For web applications in containers, Azure App Service supports both Windows and Linux containers, fully integrated with container registry services for deployment – such as Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry.
  • Customers can enjoy the rest of the benefits of this fully managed platform when deploying their containers – with built-in DevOps, integration with dev tools, intelligent monitoring by default and multiple deployment slots.
  • Azure Container Registry gives you the option to set a retention policy for stored image manifests that don’t have any associated tags (untagged manifests). When a retention policy is enabled, untagged manifests in the registry are automatically deleted after several days.
  • Geo replication is a useful feature of the service if you wanted to take advantage of serving content to different regions. Images can be bigger, and we will provide an ACR as close as possible to the AKS.
    Our Microsoft Certified Cloud Consultants will happily go through the service included, and recommend what’s best for your IT business needs.

Our Microsoft Certified Cloud Consultants will happily go through the service included, and recommend what’s best for your IT business needs.

Your Dedicated Microsoft Solutions Partner.

848 is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Azure Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, Business Applications and Security, with 5 Microsoft Specializations. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.