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Voice One Essential.

A low-cost cloud voice license with essential calling capabilities.

The traditional telephone network in the UK is being switched off in 2025. From then on, you’ll need to make and take calls over the internet. This means every business will have to move to a digital alternative to stay connected. Voice One Essential is our no-frills cloud voice service to support your business in this digital future.

Designed for simplicity and affordability, Voice One Essential is ideal for users who require basic calling features and functionality. Users get a modern voice solution, and your business doesn’t end up paying for features they don’t need. It’s also easy to enhance your Voice One Essential licenses with add-ons like call recording and analytics for users that require them.

At the 848 Group, we don’t believe in one size fits all. That’s why we provide you with the flexibility to mix and match licenses to suit different user requirements. All licenses and additional services are available on an affordable, pay monthly, per user basis. Our team will build the package with the licenses you need based on different user requirements. One simple solution, one simple monthly cost.

We’re a BT Wholesale Partner and Microsoft Solutions Partner helping businesses build effective modern workplaces, blending cloud-first communications and IT solutions that keep people productive. Get in touch to learn more about Voice One Essential and our other solutions for a connected and productive workplace.


Hassle-free. All the core calling features in a low-cost license combined in to one simple monthly bill.


Mix and match with other Voice One licenses to get the right package for your business. Add on functionality with ease.


All your cloud voice services provided by one partner. Only pay for the features users really need.

The Benefits of Voice One Essential.

Looking for a no-frills digital phone service? Voice One Essential brings together all the core calling features and functionality into a simple, low-cost license. No complexity. No confusion. Starting from just £7.99 per user per month, it’s an affordable way to provide users with access to a modern voice solution. It’s easy to add on extra functionality for users that require it too. Whether your business operates across one of multiple sites, Voice One Essential is your essential digital phone service.

Keep your users connected in the digital world with a cost-effective cloud voice service.

All the core features you’d get from a traditional phone system, with the added capabilities of the cloud.

Simple licensing with the flexibility to add on functionality where required. No frills, no fuss.

Choose from a range of compatible handsets and headsets to complement your Voice One Essential licenses.

Only pay for the features users really need, and enjoy the simplicity of per user, pay monthly billing.

You can mix and match with other Voice One licenses, so your business gets the solution it needs.

Stay Ahead of the 2025 Switch off with Voice One Essential.

What is the BT 2025 switch off? The traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) isn’t able to keep up with the ways of the modern world. And so, in a bid to move the UK to a digital future, it is set to be switched off in 2025. This means, every phone line in the UK will be moved to a modern network built on the internet. This will impact both households and businesses.

We aren’t the only country making the shift to digital. The Netherlands and Estonia have already moved to fully digital networks, and Germany, Japan and Sweden are on their way. Moving to a digital-first network enables greater mobility when it comes to voice communications, alongside better voice quality, reduced calling costs, and improved integrations with modern business applications.

Voice One Essential and the rest of our Voice One solutions are here to help your business address the change, providing simple, seamless digital voice services underpinned by the UK’s leading network. Get the flexibility and simplicity of a modern cloud voice solution and ensure your business is ready for the switch to digital networks. Our Voice One solutions also enable you to replace legacy phone systems with digital telephony services on an affordable pay monthly basis.

Mix and Match with Our Other Voice One Solutions.

Different users have different requirements when it comes to calling. While some may require basic voice functionality, others will require greater agility and advanced features, such as call analytics and recording. That’s why we give you the flexibility to mix and match cloud voice licenses and add on features if required. This helps you meet the requirements of a diverse workforce, providing the right level of functionality for different users. It also ensures you only pay for the features you need, saving you money and resources.

We have a range of Voice One solutions available to replace your legacy phone systems. You can blend low-cost licenses like Voice One Essential with feature-rich communication experiences such as Voice One Mobile into one, simple Voice One package. You can also access flexible cloud calling in Microsoft Teams with Voice One Teams Connect, our scalable service built on BT Operator Connect. Our team will build and manage your solution, based on the different users needs across your business.

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One Partner to Manage Your Entire IT and Communications Landscape.

Working with multiple suppliers can be a headache. We can be your single partner to design, manage and support your entire IT and communications landscape. Build a modern workplace for the digital world, and integrate the cloud voice solutions that keep your teams connected.

The 848 Group is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and BT Wholesale Partner with 12 years of experience in delivering digital transformations. We are also partnered with leading vendors such as Cisco, AWS, Anywhere 365 and more. Our team of specialists can build, integrate, optimise and secure your entire infrastructure, to enable seamless user experiences and connectivity.

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