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848 and Deloitte Create a Dedicated First Line Support Service for a Global Electrical Innovator.

Key Facts.

Industry sector
Electric Aviation

Supporting 750 End Users Across Europe

Dedicated First Line Support Team to Deliver a Faster and More Efficient Triage Service. 


  • The client had a growing customer base and complex IT environment that required a more efficient and streamlined triage service.  
  • 848 in collaboration with Deloitte, assessed what processes were currently in place and built a service that could deliver a faster and more effective service tailored to the client’s needs. 
  • 848 adapted its service model to provide a first-line support team to deliver a dedicated service with Deloitte enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. 
  • The transition included implementing the triage process, assigning requests to the right teams, monitoring performance, and providing continuous improvement to the service.  
  • The team also identified appropriate tools and developed training materials for all IT staff.  
  • Key performance indicators were established to monitor and report on the triage service’s success.  
  • The integration resulted in streamlined request handling, improved response and resolution times, enhanced customer experience, data-driven decision-making, and continuous enhancements through feedback.


The client is a renowned industry leader in electrical engineering, power systems, and aerospace innovation. With a global presence across 50 countries, their primary goal is to develop sustainable power solutions catering to diverse industries, including aviation and submarines. 

The Challenge.

The client’s triage service, a critical part of the support process, was initially outsourced. However, recognising the importance of maintaining closer control over this service, Deloitte approached 848 to take over the management of the triage process directly. The client’s IT environment was complex, and with an expanding customer base, it was identified that efficiencies and economies of scale would be beneficial to the client by augmenting the segmented firstline triage service with an existing second/third-line support service.

The Solution.

The team assessed what processes were currently in place and built a service that could deliver a faster and more effective service tailored to the client’s needs. 848 adapted its service model to incorporate a first-line support team to deliver the dedicated triage service in collaboration with Deloitte, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. The group aimed to streamline operations, ensure a more personalised approach, and foster enhanced customer experiences.  

The specific objectives of the client’s first-line team integration were as follows:  

  • Define and Implement a Triage Process: The 848 Group aimed to create a robust process for categorising and prioritising IT requests and incidents based on their urgency and impact on business operations. 
  • Efficient Assignment of Requests: The team sought to ensure that IT requests were appropriately assigned to the right team or individual, ensuring timely and effective resolution. 
  • Development of Training Materials: To ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the new triage process, the new first-line support team created comprehensive training materials. These materials were designed to educate IT staff on the process and the tools to be used. 
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Key performance indicators (KPIs) were identified to monitor and evaluate the success of the triage service, enabling data-driven decision-making. 
  • Continuous Improvement: To foster a culture of continuous improvement, 848 aimed to gather feedback from customers and IT staff, using insights to refine and optimise the triage service. 

The Result.

The establishment of a streamlined triage process led to improved handling and end-to-end management of IT requests and incidents, resulting in faster response and resolution times. This personalised approach enhanced the overall customer experience. 

Data-driven decision-making was facilitated by monitoring and reporting key performance indicators, enabling the group to identify areas for improvement and allocate resources effectively. Committing to ongoing enhancement, 848 iteratively enhanced the triage service based on feedback from customers and IT staff, ensuring its adaptability to the organisation’s evolving requirements. 

By collaboratively implementing a well-defined dedicated team and triage service, leveraging appropriate tools, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, the 848 Group further solidifies its position as a leading provider of managed services. 

The 848 Methodology in Action.


Define objectives: Create a robust triage process, ensuring efficient assignment of requests, monitoring performance with KPIs, and fostering continuous improvement to meet the client’s complex needs.


Adapt the existing client’s service model in collaboration with Deloitte to add a dedicated first-line support service for the client and define a detailed triage process with training materials and performance monitoring to ensure continuous improvement.


Fostering a continuous improvement approach, IT request handling and resolution times improved along with personalised solutions for enhanced customer experiences.