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Book a network audit and boost efficiency

Unlock insights that enable you to make more informed business decisions with an in-depth network audit

If you’re experiencing increasing network issues, or are looking to upgrade your infrastructure and don’t know where to start, a network audit is a great first step. Your network infrastructure should be scalable and secure to support your chosen workplace model and evolve as your needs change. What once worked for you won’t anymore as your business moves forward. A network audit will enable you to establish issues and inefficiencies so you can do something about them.

While a network refresh can be daunting, an ineffective infrastructure will waste time and money with hours of costly maintenance. We know change can seem difficult, so we aim to make it easy. Our network audit is a simple way to start your journey to a modern and valued-added network infrastructure that supports your business strategy.

Access insights that enhance your network strategy

A network audit from the 848 Group involves an in-depth analysis of your network infrastructure, complete with recommendations on ways to improve your landscape in line with your business goals. Our team of accredited network specialists will deliver your network audit following industry best practice and systematic processes, and provide you with findings in an easy-to-read executive summary. Get an impartial view of your network infrastructure and clear recommendations to optimise your environment. No ambiguity and no technical jargon.

What to expect in your network audit

Network audit overview 

Experienced experts from our network practice will take a deep dive into your infrastructure to establish your network health. You’ll receive an easy-to-read executive summary of the findings identified during the audit, with clearly justified recommendations on improvements, upgrades or changes that will benefit your business.

What to expect

An in-depth network audit delivered by vendor-certified and experience network experts. You’ll get the knowledge you need to ensure you’re making informed decisions about network procurement, deployment, configuration, security and optimisation.

Your summary will be totally objective and free from overly technical jargon. Plus, if you move forward with 848 to perform your remediations, we’ll reimburse you 50% of the cost of the initial network audit.

We will cover

  • Network strategy – is your network strategy in line with the changing needs and goals of your business and end-users?
  • Network procurement – helping you establish whether your approach to procurement approach is providing you with maximum value.
  • Cost-savings – we’ll look to identify areas where you can reduce costs and improve resource utilisation.
  • Management practices – are your practices ensuring your network is reliable and resilient?
  • Overall performance – most importantly, we’ll help you gain a true picture of your overall network performance compared to where it should be.

We will highlight

  • Opportunities for network consolidation, simplification, automation, and possible cost reduction.

  • Information you need to prioritise and pitch new investments in your enterprise.

  • Approaches to new technology and projects to enable data-driven and strategic decisions based on leveraging current investments to their fullest potential.

  • Behaviours and interactions to empower a proactive and preventative security strategy

  • Opportunities to design a new network architecture that includes cloud computing.

  • Information about how technical features will directly improve operations, support business goals and alleviate specific pain points.

Components involved 

Routers, switches, firewalls and wireless LAN controllers providing LAN, WAN, wireless, security and remote access services.

    The benefits of a network audit

    Identify potential cost-savings and improve resource allocation

    Ensure your network is meeting evolving business needs

    Uncover system issues, weaknesses and inefficiencies

    Gain visibility of network security risks

    Protect your business from the risks of an outdated network 

    Gather information that improves strategic decision making